Even Greens hate the Greens

Caption: Just your regular Greens party meeting.

For a party that never hesitates to trumpet its own moral superiority, the Australian Greens sure seem to have a problem with scandals in their ranks.

For months, the Greens have been wracked by allegations and revelations of sleaze and bad behaviour. Some of it would be trivial ? selecting as a candidate a former rapper with a penchant for boasting about date rape and assault ? were it not for the Greens? towering self-righteousness. Others are far more serious and exacerbated by the astonishing cloak of secrecy the Greens? drape over their party.

Either way, the Greens are becoming so toxic that even other Greens can?t stand them. Quote:

Controversial NSW Greens MP Jeremy Buckingham has ?ripped up? his membership of the ?Marxist? party today and will become an independent.

Mr Buckingham was asked to stand aside from the NSW Greens? upper house ticket earlier this month over allegations of sexual misconduct. He vehemently denies the allegations.

?Today, I?m ripping up my membership of the toxic NSW Greens party. The NSW Greens is a party that has abandoned the important principles of justice and democracy, is dominated by an extreme left faction and has lost its focus on the environment,? he said. End of quote.

It must be remembered that, so far, these allegations are just that ? allegations. What?s more, the allegations were made under parliamentary privilege, where the accused cannot use normal legal means to hold their accuser to account. Other Greens have characterised the allegations as ?an orchestrated political hit?.

The NSW Greens have, for years, been accused of spearheading a push by outright Marxists and unreconstructed Communists to take over the formerly environmental party. Indeed, even in Victoria, Greens MP Adam Bandt, who wrote his PhD thesis on Marxism, once wrote that ?Supporting the Greens would perhaps be the most effective strategy at the next election. The Greens are in many ways bourgeois, but they have been able to exert influence over the Government’s agenda…communists can’t fetishise alternative political parties?. Quote:

Allegations against Mr Buckingham have sparked a factional war. Fellow moderate Greens MPs Cate Faehrmann and Justin Field threatened to split from the Greens over the treatment of Mr Buckingham earlier this month. They have since backed down on that threat.

An independent investigation by firm Workdynamic Australia advised the NSW Greens that there was insufficient evidence against Mr Buckingham, and also advised the party make no adverse finding against him. End of quote.

Meanwhile, the Greens are moving so far to the extreme left that even party elder statesman Bob Brown is being frozen out. Quote:

Bob Brown says he was shut out of an independent review into the NSW Greens because he was ?too moderate?, as controversial state MP Jeremy Buckingham labelled the attempt to broker peace as a ?Band-Aid on a weeping wound?.

On Tuesday night, the Australian Greens and their state counterparts agreed on a review into the NSW branch?s decision-making and complaints processes, after a factional war was ignited over calls for Mr Buckingham to stand aside due to allegations of sexual misconduct.

The terms of reference will be drawn up by a panel including an ?Australian Greens elder?. But that will not be the party?s most famous leader, Dr Brown.

?No, I?m not on the panel. I was considered too moderate and considerate for the Left,? he told The Australian yesterday??The one thing the red NSW Greens have always blocked is grassroots democracy.? End of quote.

When even the party?s most famous member is calling them ?red-greens?, the jig is well and truly up.