Face of the day

France?s president, Emmanuel Macron is very popular with the mainstream media but according to a recent?poll,?71% of the French population does not want him to remain president.

According to Rebel Media France, one of the many reasons why he has lost popularity is his massive carbon tax, which has pushed many people into “energy poverty.”

Tens of thousands of people have joined the?gilets jaunes?? the ?yellow vests? ? to protest against this carbon tax. I went to see for myself and what I saw was incredible.

A massive, populist protest ? and Macron’s police responding with tear gas, fire hoses and more.?See for yourself:

It?s incredible.

  • Grassroots, populist citizens are rebelling against a globalist elite
  • Taxpayers are rising up against tax collectors
  • Nationalists are rejecting open borders immigration

[…] This morning, CNN actually blamed Donald Trump?s policies for the high price of energy in France! You just can?t trust the mainstream media.