Government seeking further advice before signing UN Compact

Well, it is Christmas, and the photo above always reminds me of the Madonna and child, even though it is only Cindy and Neve. Our Christmas present from this government is that it is still ?seeking advice? on whether to sign the UN Migration Compact, as there is a need for clarification on issues of sovereignty.?Stuff reports: quote.

The Government will be seeking further advice before signing the United Nations migration pact.

The first-ever UN global agreement on a common approach to international migration is non-legally binding and was understood to be?signed on Tuesday in Marrakesh, Morocco.

However, Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern said a formal, official signing was not until December 17 and events?taking place in?Morocco were “purely ceremonial”. end quote.

Yeah, but why are we represented there if we haven’t decided on signing yet? quote.

Claims had been made around the legal standing of the document – even though it made?very clear that a nation maintains its sovereign right – that it didn’t impact New Zealand’s ability to act as it dictated on policy and that it was?not legally binding, she said. end quote.

I simply don’t understand this. Everyone in support of the Compact is at pains to stress that it’s non-binding. If that is the case, why are so many delegates filling up the atmosphere with carbon unnecessarily to head over to Morocco to sign the deal? Surely there is no need to either sign it or not sign it if it is non-binding anyway. quote.

“We would not sign an agreement that did not give us control of our own immigration settings, we would not.” end quote.

The lady doth protest too much, methinks.

So she says, but she would be signing up to an agreement that identifies migration as a human right.?If this is so, what happens to the sovereignty of countries who have signed the Compact but want to control their borders? That is a game changer right away. quote.

Foreign Affairs Minister Winston Peters said last week, the Government’s only?real concern was if the pact compromised the country’s sovereignty.

In terms of morals and integrity, non-binding sometimes meant binding, he added.

He was still finding out, in detail, what the pact meant and what interpretations in the document could mean.

“When I’m convinced of that, we will go ahead and make a decision.” end quote.

Funny that. They have known about this since March, but are only making a decision now?


He also told the House allegations the agreement made no distinction between legal and illegal migration and called for restrictions on freedom of speech and the media?were “demonstrably false”. end quote.

Not true, Winston. A compact that makes immigration a human right makes all immigrants legal… so in that sense, the compact does exactly that. You are being disingenuous once again.

I say well done to all those who have pushed so hard to bring this issue to the forefront of people’s attention because this government would have signed it without a second thought if that had not happened. We would have all gone into Christmas and the holidays totally unaware that our right to turn away illegal immigrants had just been sold to the UN in exchange for a cushy job for Jacinda in a few years time.

They still have not said that they won’t sign it though. Our best hope is that, as more and more countries pull out, the whole thing falls apart.

It is a terrible shame that we cannot rely on our own government to protect our borders, but what can you expect from a communist and a bitter old man for whom self-interest comes first and country last?