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Order our delicious meat today and it will be?delivered in the week starting January 7.

Customers who have been enjoying our delicious, restaurant quality meat have been commenting in General Debate and in Backchat. Don’t believe me that this will be the best meat you have ever eaten, believe our regular commenters and now customers.??

WO Gun Club Secretary, Spiker, showed us how the bacon cooks up and his bacon butties

Whale Meat Company customer photo Whale Meat Company customer photo

Tears were nearly shed on my BBQ as I thought I was going to miss out on my ?Fill the Freezer? meat pack. Unfortunately I?m in an out of the way south west part of Auckland but come Monday morning my dispair was averted by a personal delivery of my meat pack by an amazing member of the Whale Meat team! Thanks Myles! Your a legend mate!
Pork roast was superb that evening! Crackling to die for! Char grilled rare rump steaks last night were juicy, tender and outright delicious! Still mountains of meat to go and I?m savouring every mouthful!

Tried out the “taster box”, so far have gutsed the steaks, the snarlers, the ham steaks and halfway through the bacon.
All has been a mile better than supermarket meat and have no hesitation in recommending the product to others, and will definitely be setting up a regular order.


We’ve sampled two products, so far, of the Family Favourites (medium):
Pork sausages, which were very tasty, and not at all reminiscent of disinfectant (UK husband’s complaint re NZ sausages, generally).
The eye bacon was fantastic to cook and to eat – no white foamy liquid, and no black specks in the pan at the end!


?My son thinks Cam is a Meat God.? ?

W.H., Dannemora?

Order our delicious meat today and it will be delivered in the week starting January 7.