Here come the boats again

Bill Shorten has handed an unexpected gift to Australian PM Scott Morrison ? and you can bet Jacinda Ardern will be keen for dibs, too.

Way back in ?07, Kevin Rudd campaigned heavily on his claim to be a ?fiscal conservative? but, as rock heavyweight turned political featherweight Peter Garrett admitted, ?Once we get in, we?ll change it all?.

Not for the first time, Garrett was quickly slapped down, but he was amply proved right over the next few years. Despite Rudd?s claim to fiscal conservatism, Labor?s over-the-top reaction to the GFC, and addiction to splashy, spend-big-quickly schemes, quickly turned Australia?s surplus into a massive debt.

Similarly, Labor promised to be tough on border protection. In reality, almost as soon as Rudd was elected, people-smugglers sensed Labor?s weakness and the boats started coming again. Within a few years, the once-empty detention centres were overflowing, and boats were arriving daily.

Now, Labor is promising to make exactly the same mistakes again. Quote:

Bill Shorten has softened Labor?s border-protection policy ahead of the party?s national conference, after a failed attempt last night to hold national security laws as a ransom in exchange for watered-down immigration rules that would hand doctors the power to relocate refugees to Australia?Mr Shorten?s backdown followe?d threats to scuttle the encryption laws, which target terrorists, paedophiles and crime gangs, through a series of last-minute amendments in the Senate and by linking them to an unrelated bill to fast-track the medical transfer of refugees and their families from Nauru and Manus Island.

The government?s tactical victor?y sets up another showdown on asylum-seekers when parliament returns in February, three months before an expected May election, with the ?medivac? bill destined to pass the lower house with crossbench support. End of quote.

Too many doctors are especially prone to the God complex that infests the elite. Full of their own self-importance, these stethoscope-waving ninnies have the temerity to try and dictate everything from nuclear energy to foreign policy. Their avatar is newly-elected ?independent? MP for the harbourside-mansion set, Dr Kerryn Phelps. Naturally, Phelps is just full of lefty ?compassion? for people-smugglers and their clients. Quote:

Scott Morrison, writing in The Australian today, says??They want to destroy the building blocks of border protection that keep Australians safe. Last time Labor dismantled ?Coal?ition policies on borders, 50,000 people illegally entered Australia on 800 boats and over 1000 people died at sea.?

The Labor-backed changes to immigration laws, which are likely to pass the parliament in February with support of crossbenchers, would not only get refugee children out of detention?Under the changes, based on those proposed by independent MP Kerryn Phelps, those in offshore processing could be transferred to Australia with their families on the advice of two doctors. The advice would be reviewable by an independent medical panel, and could only be over?ridden by the immigration minister on national security grounds. End of quote.

What do these idiots think is going to happen? We know perfectly well the lengths country-shopping grifters will go through to subvert Australia?s border laws. Who really doesn?t think these opportunists will quickly pack a few strategic tots along for the ride, and fake medical conditions, even self-harm, as soon as they land in Manus or Nauru?

There?s a veiled warning for New Zealand, too. Quote:

He denied Labor?s position was a softening, saying the opposition still believed ?anyone who comes here via people smugglers should be resettled in a third-party ?nation, yes?. End of quote.

You can bet Jacinda?s ears perked up at that one.

Credit: Luke