How many more months in this leaky boat?

Split Enz sang about six months in a leaky boat.?Their song is a reference to the time it took the pioneers to sail to New Zealand?and is also a metaphor that refers to lead singer?Tim Finn’s?nervous breakdown.

Bridges will want to steer clear of the nervous breakdown and he will also want to plug those leaks that just keep on popping up.

He has manned his life jacket and is paddling like mad to stay afloat. Quote.

Another anonymous text message from a person claiming to be a National Party MP has been received by RNZ.

The anonymous texter, who leaked details of National’s internal polling last week, has hit back at the party’s leader who said the leak did not come from within his caucus.” End of quote.

Bridges is suggesting that the leaker is outside the National party; is he pointing the finger at Jami-Lee Ross again? Quote.

After last week’s National Party caucus meeting RNZ received a text message outlining details of internal polling, claiming there was a lot of disappointment among caucus members.

Simon Bridges yesterday said the?leak did not come from within his caucus, and would not discuss the polling numbers which were not as flattering as a?recent public poll.

“I’m not going to talk about internal polls, what we know is we’ve got a poll there that’s public, that’s 46 percent, that shows we’ve got momentum, you can understand there’ll be speculation and rumours.” End quote.

Speculation and rumours sound a lot like smoke and fire. But wait, there’s more: quote.

After RNZ ran the story with Mr Bridges’ comments, it received another text from the same anonymous person saying Mr Bridges was foolish for thinking the polling leak did not come from a National MP.

The texter offered details of what happened in yesterday’s caucus meeting as proof they were an MP.

RNZ has been unable to verify the texter’s identity.” End of quote.

Well, that rules out Jami-Lee because he is no longer a National MP.

Anyone else thinking that Bridges is a little too trusting in his handling of caucus?

Bridges needs to man up and bustle off to sniff out the leakers.

If he doesn’t plug them, they might sink him.