How to get away with bloody murder

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A young man’s life is not worth much, according to Judge Nicola Mathers, who sentenced 19-year-old Rouxle Le Roux to 11 months home detention and 250 hours community service after her dangerous driving killed 15-year-old Nathan Kraatskow. Quote.?

Nathan Kraatskow had been cycling home from a friend’s house in Hobsonsville when Rouxle Le Roux hit him at the intersection of Oteha Valley Rd and the northern motorway on-ramp in Albany.” End of quote.

This is an appallingly light sentence. The judge said: quote.?

Le Roux’s behaviour “needs to be?denounced most strongly” and said the defendant needed to be “held to account” to deter others?from “similar types of offending”.?End of quote.

Where is the denunciation? Where is the deterrent? Is sitting at home in front of the TV for 11 months an appropriate sentence?

No, she should have got jail time.?

Newshub reported that Le Roux had?alcohol and marijuana?in her blood at the time she killed Nathan and that?she did not stop?at the scene. She?left her victim alone and dying?and kept right on driving.??

She was on a learner licence but was not stripped of her licence either, so clearly this judge doesn’t think that she’s a risk behind the wheel.

It doesn’t stop there. Le Roux inflicted further pain on the victim’s family by being flippant about her sentencing. Quote.?

In an Instagram story, Ms Le Roux gleefully walks past/along the street near the Mount Eden Correctional Facility.

The video shows her smiling, poking out her tongue and using a love heart face filter before waving at the building.

On Sunday, the now convicted criminal captioned an image with “the world is literally our oyster and I cannot contain my excitement to explore it”. End of quote.

Rouxle Le Roux posted a picture of herself wearing an orange prison jumpsuit on Instagram in October with the caption reading: “Hide your children”. Photo: Instagram

Nathan’s mum said, “I just could not understand how someone could be so heartless and think this whole thing was a joke.”

This young and stupid woman’s callous behaviour has been condoned by a weak and ineffectual judicial system.??

At the very least, Le Roux should have received jail time and 10 years’ loss of licence, and be required to make some sort of restitution to this young man’s family when she is earning her own way in life.

Her defence played the remorse card, and why wouldn’t they, because despite it being a lie, it worked.??Quote.

Le Roux’s lawyer, Belinda Sellars QC, said Le Roux suffered “acute reaction after this accident that resulted in her hospitalisation and she’s continued to have counselling”.?End of quote.

Of course, this silly girl had counselling; it was a great defence. But the reason for her hospitalisation probably has nothing to do with remorse, because she has displayed none, and is more to do with treating her various mental disorders. Quote.

[The judge] said she took Le Roux’s “troubled childhood” and her “various mental disorders?requiring treatment” into account when determining her sentence.” End of quote.

Now we get to the nitty-gritty about the sentencing of this young woman.?

The judge was lenient because Le Roux is a victim of awful parenting and has various mental disorders – which may be a result of bad parenting.?

However, instead of holding Le Roux to account for her actions, where she might actually learn from her mistakes, the judge effectively patted her hand and said, ?It’s not your fault?.??Taking responsibility for your actions does not seem to be a concept familiar to this judge. God help us all!

Le Roux just got away with bloody murder and learned just how easy this is to achieve.

This is the second example this month of just how soft we are on crime.?

A newspaper reported on a road rage incident resulting in death.

Tarawa, in a fit of road rage, jumped from his vehicle and punched a man not once, but twice.? His victim died the next day and Tarawa received the very lenient sentence of 10 months’ home detention and community work.?

The victim’s family are furious,?his sister saying: Quote.?

He left our brother to die on the side of the road, coming back and driving past to see what was going on, not to help nor turn himself in. He took my goodbye away from me.”

Tarawa showed no remorse, she said, and the only emotion she saw was him punching a wall when bail wasn’t granted on favourable terms.” End of quote.

Tarawa clearly has anger issues which the judge overlooked because he said Tarawa has a?high degree of family support, genuine remorse, strict bail terms to adhere to and prospects for rehabilitation.

Well, where was this killer’s family when he was beating Vujcich to death? Just because he is not currently exhibiting anger doesn’t mean he has dealt with his anger issues or that his family won’t try and cover up for him.?Quote.

A young Northlander who punched and killed a grandfather during a road-rage incident has narrowly avoided prison, while?other “one punch” offenders have spent time behind bars.

Patrick Dennis Tarawa, 22, was?sentenced to home detention this morning?for the manslaughter of 58-year-old Christopher Vujcich.

Vujcich’s van had cut across an intersection in Kaikohe, causing Tarawa to brake suddenly to avoid a collision.

Tarawa followed Vujcich before an argument between the pair led to Tarawa throwing a punch which connected with Vujcich’s head, causing him to fall backwards and land on a concrete footpath.

Toogood sentenced Tarawa to 10 months’ home detention and 400 hours’ community work after he pleaded guilty.

“And I don’t see in your character, that I know of it and in your past, any prospect that you’d behave violently in this way or in any other way in future,” Justice Toogood said.” End of quote.

How does this fortune-telling judge get away with it???An angry out of control man kills and the judge decides he won’t lose his temper again or hurt someone else?? Ridiculous!?

This judge has no concept of personal responsibility either, because he expects the family to be responsible for this killer’s behaviour when they’ve already failed him!

We are not paying judges to predict the future, we are asking them to hand out a punishment that fits the crime committed.

There was no denunciation, no deterrence, no justice and certainly no restitution for either victim’s family in these two completely avoidable killings and no personal responsibility acknowledged by the killers.

We are too soft on crime with these watered down sentences, which is exactly why we will continue to see an increase in crime.