How to glaze your Christmas ham: ONLY 6 days left to order

Brown Sugar and Whiskey Glaze is one way you could prepare your Whale Meat Company?fresh ham

Some simple guidelines for how to glaze your fresh Christmas Ham

The half or whole Whale Meat Company cooked on the bone ham will arrive?smoked, cooked and chilled, but not glazed.

To glaze the ham follow these simple steps:

  • Peel the skin off, leaving as much fat on as possible
  • Score the fat (and into the meat) in a diamond pattern with a sharp knife (optional: poke cloves into the middle of each diamond)
  • Mix a baste or marinade: 250mls (at least) of Orange juice and 2 big tablespoons of jam or marmalade
  • Warm in microwave to dissolve jam.
  • Add vodka or Cointreau to taste (alcohol infiltrates the flavour)
  • Put in oven at 130C for approx. 40mins per kilo, so for a 4.5 kilo half ham around 2.5-3hours max
  • Baste every 15-20 mins with baste/marinade mix
  • Serve when baste mix caramelises ham to deep brown!

Is Christmas Ham still on your list?

Why take a risk at Christmas with an unknown ham?

Only the Whale Meat Company offers you?Restaurant quality cooked on the bone ham that has been taste tested by?Oilers AND you can keep it in your fridge for Christmas or New Years!

Unopened it will last in your fridge until the end of January 2019.

Christmas is just around the corner and as we know, everyone and everything gets busy and so we make a list!

Cross??FRESH ham off your list today with the satisfaction that comes with knowing that it is a job well done.

Choose from:

  • Whole Leg Hams Cooked on the Bone 10-11Kg each
  • Half Leg Hams Cooked on the Bone 4.5-5.5Kg each

**The last day to order hams will be Wednesday, Dec 12th