I don’t understand what the PM said

Partial transcript of NewstalkZB interview with the PM on the UN Global Migration Pact:


The global compact on migration Prime Minister have we made up our mind whether we are going to sign up?


Ah, that?s ah the decision and the announcement will be made by the Minister of Foreign Affairs. Um, It will not be finally voted on until later this week.


Right but Cabinet has approved the decision?


Cabinet has had a discussion, final approval, of course, sits with um Ministers Ian Lees-Galloway and um with Minister um Winston Peters and they will be making the final announcement.


What does the prime minister mean by that? I don’t understand it.

Ardern states that the decision and the announcement will be made by the Minister of Foreign Affairs and then she says it will be voted on later this week by the cabinet. One presumes that is what is meant. However, what are they voting on if Winston Peters makes the decision?? She then confirms that Cabinet has discussed it but says that final approval sits with Ian Lees-Galloway and Winston Peters, so it’s not just Peters like she initially said? So is cabinet still voting on it or what?

Ardern seems to just bumble through answers, contradicting herself all the time. The interviewers are too lenient with her and surely the only reason to obfuscate like this is if you are lying.

I can?t make sense of what she is saying, but she definitely said that Peters will make the decision and the announcement. So when David Parker was asked this question by Todd McClay, he is incorrect to say it is an improper characterisation.

Hon Todd McClay?Was the Prime Minister correct on NewstalkZB this morning when she said that it’s Winston Peters who would be making the decision to sign the UN compact later this week and not Cabinet?

Hon DAVID PARKER: I have seen the transcript of that interview, and that is an improper characterisation of it. [Interruption] It’s an incorrect characterisation of it. Can I further?