Idiots in the academy

Lenin is alleged to have coined the term ?useful idiots? to describe the sort of willfully naive propagandists ? almost always from the ?intellectual? class ? who were cynically used by the communists to white-ant the West from within. Regardless of the provenance of the term, the malign influence of the useful idiots is undeniable. The existence of extensive networks of agents maintained by the Soviets and the Maoists is also well-documented.

The Soviet Union may have fallen, and the monster Mao may be long dead, but the Chinese communists still have no shortage of useful idiots, especially in academia. What is even more stunning is that these educated fools indignantly splutter about their ?academic integrity?, even as they happily do Beijing?s dirty work.

In the 1940s, useful idiots desperately tried to stop the publication of Orwell?s Animal Farm. Today?s useful idiots are just as desperate to expunge free inquiry from education. Quote:

You get a glimpse of the real purpose of education when you look at the liberal arts curriculum offered here by St John?s College in Annapolis Maryland?the student is expected to devote herself to studying the intellectual output of what is generally referred to as the West. It is, in fact, an education whose purpose is free their minds of false opinions in order to allow the natural power of the intellect to consider the arguments of the greatest minds regarding the question of the best way of life for men and women to live, what is the naturally right or best way of life. End of quote.

Free the mind from false opinions? No wonder Beijing?s useful idiots were so outraged at the very thought of such a course being funded in Australia by the Ramsay Centre. Quote:

You get a glimpse of what education is not when you consider the number of academics?who rejected the opportunity for a liberal arts course at their universities which was to be funded by the Ramsay Centre?

While the academics spoke loosely about academic autonomy, their main objection was actually a product of their own academic dogma: the ?Ramsay programme represents, quite simply, European supremacism writ large.? Being unable to frame an argument from first principles, they fall back on their ideological dogma. No wonder they are worried about Ramsay. End of quote.

At the same time as these credentialled ninnies have been fulminating against the Ramsay Centre, they happily submit to Islamic and Chinese communist paymasters. Quote:

If European influence frightens them, the same cannot be said about Chinese influence. Their hypocrisy is writ so large they can?t see past it. Yet, almost every Australian university?offers courses from a Confucius Institute located on campus. Each Confucius Centre is funded by the Chinese Government with Chinese lecturers selected from Chinese universities. The boards that ostensibly run the Institutes include non-teaching academics from the hosting university but the majority consist of Chinese nationals. End of quote.

As Clive Hamilton argues in his book, Silent Invasion, Beijing is steadily infiltrating Australia?s institutions, most notably academia. In short, the communists are buying off academics as assiduously as they are politicians. Quote:

The Confucius Institute?appears to be a conduit through which the Chinese Embassy communicates the Chinese government?s displeasure to the relevant University. When a university is about to host a function that is critical of the Chinese government or of a Chinese government policy or one that supports a group that is being oppressed by the Chinese government, the Chinese Embassy communicates its displeasure through the Confucius Institute to the university administration and, behold, the admin stops the function?

So, where were all those protesting academics?? Why didn?t they write a letter to Sydney Uni Vice Chancellor and publish it in every daily newspaper, demanding that the Confucius Institutes be closed because of their threat to academic freedom (read freedom of belief). End of quote.

Because they sympathise with the authoritarians in Beijing every bit as much as they once did with Moscow. Quote:

I venture to suggest that clouded minds have fallen in love with the noise and glitter of the drums, dragons and fireworks, which is no more than the vanity fair of Chinese culture. In that intoxicated state, the tanks in Tiananmen Square disappears [sic] into history and the existential danger that the Chinese government poses for liberal democracy is laughed away with platitudes about academic autonomy. That crass letter merely confirms the crisis of the West and where the cause lies. End of quote.