Jacinda is going to change her phone number

Photoshopped image credit: Luke

The first piece of advice newly elected premiers are usually given is to change their phone number, but it seems Jacinda Ardern never got the memo. Or so she makes out.

Newshub reports: quote.

Jacinda Ardern says she might change her phone number in the wake of claims she received a text from a friend of Karel Sroubek.

National has been demanding the release of a text message?sent by martial artist-turned-activist Richie Hardcore, who counts the Prime Minister and the jailed drug smuggler amongst his friends.

Ms Ardern has refused to reveal what it said, insists she didn’t respond to it, and has called the Opposition’s demands “a bit desperate”. end quote.

A bit desperate, Cindy? Don’t you remember when John Key was forced to make public texts from Cameron Slater and Rachel Glucina? That wasn’t ?desperate? though, was it? No, because it is only ?desperate? if National does it. quote.

She told Newstalk ZB on Friday it might be time to change her phone number.

She went on to explain why she’s refusing to make its contents public.

“People do [text] me all the time and people email me all the time and I just, I worry a little bit about precedent there, because people, members of the public email me thinking obviously that they will be doing that with some level of privacy there.

“So I just want to work through that properly… I’ve given a summary of essentially what it said and it’s fairly innocuous in that regard – but it’s more the precedent that I’m worried about.” end quote.

That would be the precedent mentioned above when John Key was forced to release text messages, would it? I think that particular genie is well and truly out of the bottle now, Jacinda.

You see, here is the thing. The opposition knows who the text is from. They know Jacinda received it. I’ll bet they already know what is in it. Why else pursue this with such force if it just says, ?Hi doll – how are they hanging??, or words to that effect. quote.

“As I have said throughout? this case I knew nothing of until it was in the public domain, and obviously? that means I knew nothing of it during the decision-making process. So it is what it is.” end quote.

So you say. Release the text and it will confirm what you say. Maybe. Or then again, maybe not.

You see, this whole thing is just further obfuscation. How many times have you changed your phone number? What is the first thing you do? You send your new number to those people that you want to be able to contact.

So changing her number will not necessarily mean that Mr Hardcore won’t get her new number. She implies that her number is written on the back of cornflakes packets, for all and sundry to contact her… which, of course, it is not.

Stop treating the public as if they are stupid, Jacinda. You are fooling no one. I’ll bet, if you do change your number, Mr Hardcore will be high on the list of people who are given the new number early on.

At the Hamilton Press Club today…”hey Jacinda, thanks for your new ph number. Cheers”