Jacinda pimps the baby… again

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When the going gets tough, world premiers have to knuckle down and face up to the hard questions… or lie and hope like hell that they don’t get found out. Our prime minister has a unique way of dealing with the tough questions. She just wheels out baby Neve and thinks that everyone will forget how incompetent she is. quote.

Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern says that six months after giving birth, she’s looking forward to spending more time with her daughter Neve over the Christmas break and thanking everybody who’s helped her juggle responsibilities.

Ardern spoke to The Associated Press on Monday as she carried around a box to hand-deliver holiday treats of coffee and peanut brittle to reporters at Parliament. She was keeping alive a tradition in New Zealand that would be hard to imagine in some countries due to the sometimes acrimonious relationships between journalists and politicians. end quote.

You are kidding, right? This media pack swoons every time she opens her mouth. They are every bit as complicit in this train-wreck of a government as Jacinda is. I’m surprised she only gave them coffee and peanut brittle. Maybe she is saving the gold watches and diamond bracelets for next year. quote.

“But my focus needs to be on furthering the agenda, and the work program, and all of the big challenges we were elected to address,” she said. “For me, the added bonus is that I get to be a mum as well.” end quote.

There must have been a hard question somewhere that afternoon if she had to wheel out the baby. quote.

She said she has little planned for the holiday period other than spending time with her family, and so will be letting Neve set the routine. She said Neve is growing fast.

“She can sit for a few seconds before she topples over. So she’s partially sitting up. She’s 6 months this week, it’s moved really quickly. But it’s a lovely stage,” Ardern said. “I’ll be spending a lot of time with her over the holidays and that’s the thing I’m looking forward to the most.” end quote.

How exactly is a 6-month-old going to ?set the routine?, Jacinda? What a stupid thing to say. What was that hard question you were avoiding? Anything about Karel Sroubek? Your good mate Richie Hardcore perhaps? Or was it about ‘reading between the lines’? quote.

Ardern’s partner Clarke Gayford is the primary caregiver for Neve. He has recently returned to work as a presenter on a television show about fishing.

“Filming for him is a sporadic thing,” Ardern said. “So when he’s away, we work around that. But primarily his number one job, still, is dad.” end quote.

No, it isn’t, Jacinda. He plays at being a dad when he feels like it. He goes fishing when he feels like it too, obviously. The rest of the time, the nanny does all the work. In fact, probably most of the time. quote.

Several MPs have also recently given birth, and Ardern said she gave plenty of credit to Speaker Trevor Mallard for making Parliament a more baby-friendly place.

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“He’s really tried to set the tone,” she said. “He’s tried to create a flexible environment.” end quote.

He has turned parliament into a cr?che and a laughing stock. Parliament is not the place for babies. I suggest that all these MPs who cannot find adequate childcare should resign and look after their children properly, rather than force the taxpayer to front up. It’s unethical, it’s unprofessional and it gives?hard-working mothers a bad name.

The Woman’s Weekly has an 8-page spread on Jacinda this month, and it is vomit inducing. Even I, who will often read articles so that you don’t have to, drew the line at this pathetic sycophancy.

When will we get a government that can actually govern or media that can ask the tough questions, instead of feeding us this garbage all the time?