Jacinda’s lowlights of 2018

Newshub has written an article about Jacinda’s lowlights (and highlights) of 2018. I’m sorry, readers. I just can’t resist this. Buckle up.

First of all, there is the photo above, where our prime minister looks like a bag lady next to the Duchess of Sussex. When it comes to style, you have either got it or… you haven’t. quote.

Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern told The AM Show this morning that her 2018 lowlight was losing two members of her staff.

Clare Curran resigned as a minister in early September after her secret meetings outside of parliamentary business were revealed.

And Meka Whaitiri had to stand aside from her ministerial portfolios during an investigation into an alleged assault on a staff member.

“It’s always tough when you have issues that have to be resolved within your own crew and that happened on two occasions,” said Ms Ardern.

“I knew the decision that had to be taken in both cases, and we made those decisions fairly decisively.” end quote.

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There was nothing decisive about any of it, Jacinda. And getting rid of these two ministers was actually a highlight of 2018. Both were incompetent, lying and obfuscating their way around the media. Whaitiri was bullying her staff. The fact that you (eventually) fired them was a good thing. The fact that you don’t see it that way shows what kind of leader you really are.

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She said she had many highlights of the year, including the families’ package and child poverty legislation. end quote.

Is that it, Jacinda? I have a few more ?lowlights? for you to consider.

What about blindsiding the oil and gas industry to make you look good in Europe, putting the future of a whole region in doubt?

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What about the teachers’ strike, the nurses’ strike, the midwives’, the Auckland bus drivers’, and now the Air New Zealand engineers’, when you promised there would be no strikes on your watch?

What about the Derek Handley debacle – a clear case of ?jobs for the boys??

What about using your influence to get the police to tell the public that Clarke is not being charged with anything? Extraordinary behaviour for the police, who normally only ever tell the public who IS being charged or investigated.

What about all the Woman’s Day interviews when you should be answering questions in the house?

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What about Karel Sroubek, and a minister of immigration who looks out of his depth… but who you won’t sack even though he granted a wife beating drug dealer residency?

What about telling Mike Hosking to ?read between the lines?, implying that there was something really special about this case… when there wasn’t?

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What about the total shambles that Kiwibuild has become?

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What about you needing your henchman Trevor Mallard to protect you when you are in the house because you are unable to cope with questions from the opposition?

What about chartering a private plane to take you to Nauru just because you were breastfeeding?

What about being the prime minister who does not know what GDP is?

What about allowing the First stay-at-home Dad into cabinet meetings so that he can wheel the baby around the table while the business of running the country is going on?

Credit: SonovaMin

What about the woeful performance at the UN, pimping the baby for all it’s worth, even though no one in New Zealand is allowed to take photos of her? (Another instruction from your henchman.)

What about hiring a New York PR agency to follow you around, giving you maximum publicity at the UN?

What about your disastrous landlord bashing policies that are resulting in fewer and fewer private rental houses being available?

What about the terrifying prospect of the Tax Working Group’s report, due in February, and what it might do to business?

What about 206 ?working groups??

What about obviously wanting to sign us up to the UN’s Migration Compact so that you can secure a job at the UN in the future?

What about using the murder of a young tourist as a public relations stunt and apologising to her family, while four Kiwi families lost loved ones in the same week and you said nothing?

What about the fact that, in spite of your promises, child poverty has not improved, homelessness is worse than ever (although we hear much less about it) and the cost of living is spiralling out of control for many families?

Well, there’s a few ?lowlights? to be going on with, Jacinda, and I didn’t even have to do any research. Every one of those ?lowlights? was off the top of my head and I’m sure I’ve missed quite a few others.

And then there is this:

Why can’t Clarke behave like other prime ministers’ partners and stay out of the limelight, only being wheeled out for state occasions and Woman’s Day interviews? Oh well, I guess we all know the answer to that.

It is hard to know which is the biggest ?lowlight? of them all, but this one has to be high on the list.