Labor’s far left comes right out and admits their agenda

Caption: Labor’s far left aren’t even hiding any more.

Judeo-Christian ethics regards pride as the worst possible sin: the ancient Greeks took an only slightly different approach. To the Greeks, it was not so much pride as hubris ? arrogant, foolish pride ? that was most offensive to the gods and led to the downfall of many a hero.

Labor?s far-left might want to recall this, as they approach the final run to the next election.

As far as Labor seem to think (and not without reason), they?ve got the next election in the bag. At this point, a sensible opposition would keep their heads down and let the government slit its own throat.

But Labor are not a sensible opposition.

In 2007, Kevin Rudd went to great lengths to hoodwink voters that he was really a bit of a conservative with a heart of gold. Even when Peter Garrett let the cat out of the bag by admitting that ?once we get in, we?ll change it all,? Rudd managed to smooth things over before voters got too wise. Now, though, confident of an assured victory in 2019, Labor?s feral left are coming right out and baldly stating their agenda. Quote:

Labor?s Left faction has unveiled a radical economic, social and foreig?n policy agenda ? including on refugees ? ahead of the party?s national conference this weekend that could place ?faction bosses on a collision course with the leadership.

Senior faction leaders Paul ?Erickson, the party?s assistant ?national secretary, and Rose Jackson, the NSW assistant secret?ary, have urged delegates to support the ?most progressive platform Labor has offered in generations? and go further with even bolder policies. End of quote.

In other words, ditch the sheep?s clothing entirely, and run openly with the Corbynite wolf pack. The ?most progressive Labor platform in generations? is an open admission that the centrist reforming Labor of Hawke and Keating is dead, buried and cremated. They?re going back to the 70s when the inept Whitlam handed the national purse strings to a literal Marxist. Quote:

A conference showdown on refugee policy looms, with some in the Left eager to press for further changes than those outlined in the party?s draft policy platform, including the fast-tracking of refugee medical transfers.

Labor MP Ged Kearney?writes: ?We are determined, though, to delive?r a national platform that resets the awful practice of punishi?ng asylum-seekers for seeking our safety and protection.

?Labor?s goal must be to get everyone held in offshore detention to safety and build a framework that could mean nobody actually has to go to offshore-?processing facilities.? End of quote.

Open borders, in other words. The people smugglers will be notifying their clients already. Just as they did in 2007-13, the boats will come flooding back.

But Labor?s passionate dedication to flim-flam, as critical former leader Mark Latham puts it, encompasses the gamut of far-left virtue-signalling. Quote:

Mr Erickson and Ms Jackson write in Challenge that Labor must advocate for??A society that tackles the immediate challeng?e of the looming climate catastrophe?. End of quote.

They might want to ask Emmanuel Macron how that?s working out.

And, of course, just like their Corbynite idols, Labor?s far-left platform isn?t complete without a dose of good old lefty jew-hatin?. Quote:

The national Left?s core priorities, identified in Challeng?e, include?supporting Palestinian statehood. End of quote.

They?re not even hiding it any more: Labor know their chances hinge on keeping their stranglehold on Muslim-dominated western Sydney. Sorry, Jews, you lose.

As will we all, if these communist clowns get their claws on power.