Labour are desperate

National leader Simon Bridges

We were right to rename Fairfax’s internet site Stuff and Nonsense. If you ever thought, even for a moment, that it was a balanced news website, you know differently now. This latest piece of ?journalism? really takes the cake. This garbage is written by Hamish Rutherford, who I always thought was better than this. quote.

A document drawn up by Labour’s polling company?delivers a brutal assessment of the public’s impression of National leader Simon Bridges.

Stuff?has obtained a slide presentation which UMR, which has long been used by Labour for its private internal polling, sent to “ten or so” subscribers.

UMR is a private company which undertakes research for a number of clients, but is best known for its long association with Labour. end quote.

So we can expect a nice, balanced presentation now, can’t we? Seeing that this is LABOUR’s polling company we are hearing about here. quote.

A word cloud, which UMR says was drawn from one-word answers given by a representative group, drawn from a sample size of 1000, gives a highly unflattering glimpse into perceptions of Bridges.

“Untrustworthy” is the largest word on the slide, meaning UMR recorded it as the most common response when members of the public were asked to describe Bridges.?end quote.

What a joke. I repeat, this is LABOUR’s polling!?Whatever word they choose to describe the leader of the opposition, it isn’t going to be cute and cuddly, is it? Or if it was, they would never publish it.

Take a look at the other words in the ?cloud?. There is not one single good word there. That tells you something about the polling, doesn’t it? With words like ?asshole? and ?dickhead? included in the mix, you can see the quality of the research that was done.

Why exactly is there such a massive political campaign to derail Simon Bridges? This is a political hit job of the highest order. Orchestrated by the government that is ?bringing kindness back?.

So the question you have to ask is … why? Cui bono?

We all know the media is complicit in the hit job on Simon Bridges. Tova O’Brien started it, and the rest are now going in for the kill but why is?Labour doing this? They are still 2 years away from an election. With Bridges’s popularity ratings being low anyway, wouldn’t they want him to stay on as the leader for as long as possible?

Did the National government ever orchestrate a hit job on Andrew Little? No. They didn’t need to. His popularity was so low that he was never going to be prime minister and Labour’s popularity was tanking as a result.

And there you have it.

National’s leader may not be popular, but his party is still at 46% or thereabouts in the polls. Labour is desperately worried that it cannot do anything to dent that level of support, so it has decided to use attack dog tactics on its leader.

The thing is that I can think of a lot of words to describe Simon Bridges, but untrustworthy probably is not the one that springs to mind. To damage National’s popularity, Labour has to tell the country that it can’t be trusted. So it attaches that mantra to its leader.

This is dirty politics, pure and simple.

We all know that Simon is not going to last much longer, but there could be much bigger problems for Labour once he is gone. Waiting in the wings is Judith Collins, whose popularity is on the rise. Once she becomes the leader of the opposition, the government will be in trouble. Get me a ringside seat.

Labour and its complicit research company do not seem to have thought that far ahead. At the moment, they are simply desperate to put a dent in National’s popularity and that is all you need to know about this struggling, incompetent government.