Leftist hypocrisy of the day: Coal pays for public servants

Caption: Shut up and keep digging ? public servants are depending on you.

Leftists just love a bloated public service. After all, not only does it take them closer to their socialist goal of owning the means of production, it guarantees a growing pool of voters loyally wedded to the leftist governments who are maintaining them in the lifestyle to which they feel entitled.

On the other hand, leftists just hate coal. Not only is coal food for the dreaded sky-dragon, but those nasty, smelly deplorables rely on coal for jobs and cheap electricity.

So, what to do when that scary, scary coal is what?s paying for all those mendicant public servants? Quote:

Queensland?s projected public sector wages will blow out by $925 million since the June budget, Treasurer Jackie Trad has revealed, bankrolled by a resource royalties windfall.

Resource royalties are projected to soar $678m to $5.1 billion this year alone. However, the coal boom will not affect Queensland?s debt level, which remains on track to exceed $83.5 billion in 2021-22, according to the state?s mid-year budget update. End of quote.

So, rather than using a resources boom to pay off its debt, Queensland?s Labor government just splurges the cash on more and more taxpayer-funded pencil pushers. Quote:

Since the June budget, the four-year general government wage projection has blown out by $925m, not including the cost of employees? super entitlements. Ms Trad insisted the government would keep its election commitments to hire more public servants.

Although the Palaszczuk government had previously hoped to regain Queensland?s AAA credit rating this year, Ms Trad downplayed the objective??Over the past four budgets, we have been investing in Queensland and in Queenslanders to ensure everyone shares in our future prosperity,? Ms Trad said. End of quote.

It?s more important to keep hiring prospective Labor voters, on the taxpayer?s dime, after all. Quote:

Chamber of Commerce and Industry Queensland chief economist Marcus Smith said the resources windfall had partly disguised the need for tighter controls on spending.

?Of course, it is not a difficult feat for any government to achieve jobs growth by simply increasing government spending; the genuine challenge for Queensland lies in fostering jobs within the real sector,? Dr Smith said. End of quote.

I?m reminded of the old anecdote of an international visitor being taken to see one of Mao?s massive development projects. Tens of thousands of peasants were toiling away, digging and carting baskets of rubble. The visitor asked, why didn?t they just buy a few dozen bulldozers?

?Because then we wouldn?t have full employment.?

This sort of socialist hypocrisy is made even more egregious by the fact that it is being funded by the very thing the leftists continually demonise: coal. The left are absolutely fanatical about stopping the Carmichael coal mine development in Queensland: not only are they trying to bury opportunities for actual blue-collar workers, but they?re also determined to slaughter the very cash cow that?s sustaining the metastasis of their own, taxpayer-funded lifestyles.