Let’s give prisoners the vote

The above, cute quote from Golriz appears to be referring to her current campaign to allow prisoners to vote. Actually, I have no idea if that is what she is saying because it makes no sense whatsoever; but in the absence of any other explanation, that is what we will assume.

I like the way she is concerned about the ‘livies’ of others. Is she concerned about their alcohol intake? Or the flowers in their garden? Honestly, I have no idea. What absolute, unadulterated garbage she spouts, and she is a member of our parliament. Truly.

I just thought to do a little profile of the type of person that Golriz wants to be allowed to vote… you know, just in case you are all going soft hearted on me. We couldn’t have that, could we?

Stuff and Nonsense reports: quote.

The Auckland father who shot his 2-year-old daughter at close range with a shotgun has had six months?added to his sentence for dealing cannabis.

And a judge found the shotgun was at his M?ngere house as “protection against being ripped off” by other drug dealers or consumers.

Gustav Otto Sanft is currently serving a sentence of four years and four months?for?the June 2016 manslaughter of his daughter Amokura?Daniels-Sanft.

He was holding the shotgun at close range?when it fired, shattering her skull. end quote.

Seems like a nice guy… I wouldn’t mind living next door to him. quote.

But the jurors who heard the case were never told that police found an ice cream container of cannabis and $200 cash at Sanft’s property.

The cannabis was packaged as 40 tinnies and ready for the market.

On Friday, Judge David McNaughton added the six months to Sanft’s sentence for one charge of possession of cannabis for supply.

Sanft had?a Parole Board hearing set down for December, but the extra sentence meant he would not be eligible. end quote.

He blew his daughter’s head off with a shotgun at close range and he was eligible for parole two and a half years later? You are kidding me! quote.

Sanft said the gun had been left at his house and the drugs didn’t belong to him.

His daughter also had methamphetamine in her blood, which he said got there?after someone left a bag of the Class A drug at his house and his daughter dipped her finger in it, thinking it was sugar. end quote.

Their home was a haven of domestic bliss, with crystal meth in the sugar bowl and a gun on the table ready to shoot the kids if they misbehaved. It might have been interesting to go and borrow a cup of sugar from their place.

Poor little thing. She never stood a chance.

Do you want animals like this to be able to vote, Golriz? Are the Green Party so desperate for votes that child murderers are on your demographic target list?

Voting is a democratic right, given to those of us who are good citizens and uphold the laws of the land. People who knowingly blow their children’s heads off do not fall into the ?good citizen? category.

I also wonder why he was only convicted for manslaughter for murdering his daughter. Personally, I would want to lock him up and throw away the key.

Remember that a member of our parliament wants people like him to have the right to vote in elections. I don’t. I want to see these people punished properly, in every way possible. After all, losing the right to vote is a small thing in the face of shooting your 2-year-old in the head. Words fail me over this.