Another needless death. Let?s not let it happen here.

Music festival season is around the corner and, over the ditch, there’s already been at least one death thanks to draconian drug laws. Like a stopped clock that’s right twice a day, the far-Left Guardian newspaper reports. quote.

Quote:A 19-year-old man is dead and three others are critically ill after suspected drug overdoses at a dance party in Sydney.

Police said they had been attending the ?Knockout Games of Destiny? dance party at Sydney Olympic Park on Saturday night[…]End of quote.

Let?s be clear here. The only thing this young man did wrong was he did not have the wisdom to distrust whoever sold him the drugs that killed him. He simply took a substance that was not what he was told it was, or it was much more potent than he thought. quote.

Quote:More than 18,000 people attended the party. Police officers at the event issued 69 banning notices and conducted more than 200 searches, with 62 people found in possession of drugs[…]

The south west metropolitan region commander, assistant commissioner Peter Thurtell, said police would not let up on trying to stop drug use at dance parties[…]

Earlier this year, two people died after overdosing at Sydney music festival Defqon.1, prompting the creation of an expert panel to advise the New South Wales government on drug-related deaths at festivals.End of quote.

Just as a side note, the panel was instructed not to entertain any consideration of recommendations for drug testing. As in, not even to listen to them. quote.

Quote:The premier, Gladys Berejiklian, said she was beside herself that young people were not getting the message.?End of quote.

She?s beside herself because she has blood on her hands and knows it. quote.

Quo?Of course we want young people to have fun but don?t take an illegal substance, it can kill you,? Berejiklian told reporters in Sydney on Sunday.

?That?s why we took the measure to increase penalties for people supplying these illegal substances to a maximum of 20 years.?End of quote.

Whilst I have nothing against black market drug dealers being sent to jail for a?very long time (although a bullet would be better), it is not the answer.

Criminal black markets don?t respond to criminal sanctions. Why would they? When one drug lord gets taken out, he?s quickly replaced by someone else. quote.

Quote:Asked if it was time to reconsider the government?s position on pill testing, Berejiklian said no.

?Unfortunately, we know that pill testing won?t work because it?ll give people a green light to taking substances, which in the end could still kill them,? she said.End of quote.

This is so completely wrong; this woman should not be let anywhere near anything even remotely related to drug policy.

At a festival in the UK there were nineteen deaths.


A year later at the same festival after introducing drug testing there was one death.


The same study showed that, at music festivals, one in five substances were not as described when sold. It also showed that when users were told their stuff was dodgy, two-thirds ditched their drugs. They also let their friends know, even those not at the festival, thus preventing even more deaths.

As for the green light argument, yeah sure, the only reason millions and millions of people don?t do drugs is because they are illegal. This is, after all, the totally brain-dead foundation Prohibition rests on. This and drugs are so dangerous that Prohibition has no choice (hint: it is Prohibition and lack of regulation that makes drugs so dangerous). quote.

Quote:Police will prepare a report for the coroner on the teenager?s death.End of quote.

We face a choice. We can continue down the Prohibition road and pour more and more tax money into enforcement, searches, tougher and tougher penalties etc. Or we can accept that people are going to use drugs and ensure those drugs are regulated and are what they say they are.

And if the former what?s a few dead young people?

If the young man had seen a big tent with a sign saying ‘Drug Testing’, there?s a good chance he would have thought ?I should get my stuff tested, just in case.?

If I still haven?t convinced you that drug testing is imperative then have a look at this image. It?s a photo of a newspaper article by an Aussie ED doctor.

Now tell me why drug testing shouldn?t be allowed at music festivals.