Let’s throw money at a problem that doesn’t exist yet

?An Inconvenient Truth? Hollywood special effects showed the rising seas of the Apocalypse. It is quite like a biblical flood

Every day I think we’ve reached peak stupid, yet every day once we’ve got to the top of the peak, there is another higher peak, more aspirational than the last one.

Today’s peak stupid is the idea that we should start to pay compensation to beachfront property owners because of climate change.? Don’t believe me?? Read it for yourself😕 Quote.

The Government is secretly?grappling with the dilemma of paying out climate change compensation to beachfront property owners.

And one of the options on the table is buying up homes that are at risk of being swamped by sea level rises.

Stuff?can reveal Government officials have been quietly working with the insurance industry, banks and local government in the last year.

They are in hush-hush discussions to avoid moral and economic panic.? End of quote.

Because the sea is lapping at my front door. Oh, wait.? Actually no, but maybe in a few decades’ time. This was covered by WH the other day; the science is not settled, despite what Stuff try to tell us.? Quote.?

The Government will soon?begin a nationwide risk assessment to understand how climate change will?affect?different regions.? End of quote.

I can save you a lot of time and money.? It’s a scam.? There, fixed!

The nonsense continues. Quote.

Countries like New Zealand with a lot of coastline are grappling with the same problem, but the Government here has made no firm decisions.

One option tentatively under discussion is buying up coastal homes that will eventually become uninsurable and allowing the owners to continue to live there, at their own risk.

“People could live in those properties for a couple of decades. They may not be able to be privately insured, but [the owner]?takes an element of risk and?and lives there…but?knows?that at some point the house will basically become unusable,” the source said.

“The question is, do you recover your money in the meantime?”

But such a compensation scheme is likely to?be politically unpalatable, and controversial.? End of quote.

You said a mouth full there sister.? Quote.

“Some exposed properties are $12?million?oligarch-owned on?Omaha Beach and some of them are $200,000?shanties in South Dunedin. [Does the Government]?buy up both at their market value? Because the person who will get $200,000?for their leaky shanty in Dunedin cannot buy another house anywhere in New Zealand?for that money. And at the same time we’re?handing out $12m to Viktor?from Moscow?

“There isn’t going to be a one-size-fits all solution.” end quote.

Here’s a solution.? Wait until there is some actual hard evidence that this is going to be a problem and deal with it then.? Anything else is complete nonsense.