Libs finding their course again: Can they save the ship?

Captions: Liberal party room meetings have been getting dramatic.

Despite the witterings of entrail-gazing journalists and self-serving Turnbull cronies, voters haven?t deserted the Liberal party because they?ve been overrun by alt-righters throwing Roman salutes. In fact, the problem is entirely the other way: under the disastrous Turnbull leadership, the party was being bastardised into a soft-left Greens-lite. The Turnbull Liberals were a watermelon-flavoured blancmange that wobbled around on a few fashionably lefty issues and succeeded only in alienating conservative voters.

Recent election losses are hardly a repudiation of the Liberal party?s conservative wing. Victoria is, frankly, a special case (although the word ?basket? would prefix it just as well): a state blindly wedded to ?progressive? nostrums was never going to be persuaded by a woeful campaign led by an invisible opposition leader. Turnbull?s old seat of Wentworth, lost in a by-election, is even more ?special?: a tiny clique of ultra-rich, fashionable lefties.

But it is Queensland, WA and the vast bulk of NSW which isn?t on the harbourside where the next Federal election will be lost or won, and those areas are hardly hotbeds of latte-sipping asylum-seeker advocates.

It seems the Liberals are finally waking up from the Turnbull nightmare. Even the few remaining Turnbull followers seem to be pulling their heads in. Quote:

Malcolm Turnbull?was scorned by Liberals yesterday ? including moderates ? in the wake of his brazen bid to block Scott Morrison over preselections and try to force an early election. End of quote.

Like a fart in an elevator, Turnbull has been refusing to go away once he was dumped, and has insisted on just stinking up the place. Quote:

The former prime minister admitted on Sunday night he lobbied members of the state executive to defy a request by the Prime Minister to save conservative Craig Kelly from losing a preselection contest for his Sydney seat?Moderates on the NSW Liberal Party state executive backed away yesterday from their previous ?opposition to cancel preselections for sitting MPs after Mr Turnbull?s conversations became public.

Moderates who had planned to vote against Mr Morrison?s preselection proposal ? Chris Rath, Sally Betts, Wayne Brown and Harry Stutchbury ? agreed to ?abstain but did not support the ballot that protected Mr Kelly from being challenged by moderate NSW Liberal Party vice-president Kent Johns. End of quote.

Speaking of why voters are deserting the Liberals, Trent Zimmerman was one of the leading ?wets? who infuriated conservative voters by forcing the issue of gay marriage last year. Quote:

Splits also emerged yesterday inside the powerful NSW moderate faction, with state and federal MPs declaring ?terminal?? [Turnbull backer Trent] Zimmerman?s leadership of the group, which helped Mr Morrison beat Mr Dutton for the leadership.

?The moderates are furious with Trent and Kean, the two of them are gone as factional leaders. That is the end of it. It is one too many idiotic factional deals,? a federal MP said. A state moderate MP said Mr Zimmerman?s leadership was ?in tatters? and he should resign. ?We are going to lose the federal electio?n ? why did we give Craig Kelly another three years?? End of quote.

So it seems that after drifting leftwards under Turnbull for three catastrophic years, the Libs might finally be finding an even keel and resetting their bearings. Whether that will steer them from the rocks of electoral defeat in time remains to be seen. At least they?re throwing the jetsam overboard and lashing the few remaining mutinous dogs.