Making Stuff up… again

David Farrar at?Kiwiblog?is also taking Stuff to task for simply making things up, and then not allowing anyone to contradict them. Remember, folks, this is a powerful propaganda trick that was used in the 1930s to control the masses.? Silence dissenting voices in any way possible (gulags work well here) and then feed the people your propaganda unopposed. Most people will either believe it or will be too scared to say or do otherwise. It worked a treat in all communist countries.

You may want to think about that for a minute. quote.


New Zealand?s?carbon emissions totalled 0.17 per cent, but when grouped with other small nations with similar emissions the total rose to 30 per cent globally, larger than the three biggest?? United States, China and India.??

On the assumption they mean greenhouse gas emissions (not just CO2) this is way off the mark.

NZ is 0.17% of total emissions. If you include all countries with emissions of 0.20% or less they total 7.5% of global emissions, not 30%. end quote.

7.5%… 30%… meh. Nothing in it really. What is it they say? Lies, damned lies and statistics? quote.

Even if you go up to all countries with emissions of 0.50% (three times the NZ level) and less, they only comprise 13.5% of global emissions. end quote.

Yet Stuff has made this extraordinary claim… and remember, you are not allowed to even try to refute it. All comments that are in any way disagreeing with their position are simply deleted.

Farrar is a numbers man, however. Here is his table on total emissions by offending countries. quote.

Here?s the percentage of total emissions by the top few countries:

  • Top 5: 54.9%
  • Top 10: 62.4%
  • Top 20: 74.8%
  • Top 30: 82.0%

And for the bottom countries:

  • Bottom 100: 2.9%
  • Bottom 150: 12.5% end quote.

You can rest assured that New Zealand is well and truly in the bottom 150 emitters in the world.

The trouble with this ‘inconvenient truth’ is that it will be almost impossible to persuade New Zealanders to panic about climate change and ditch the car for the bike if they realise how small our carbon footprint actually is. It really is a drop in a bucket compared to most developed countries, so Stuff has to make up the numbers instead.

You have to wonder what Stuff’s agenda is here. Why are they doing this? Is it government controlled propaganda? Is it a way of controlling the masses by making them think that we are all going to die?

We are, of course, but probably not as a result of global warming. Here is my favourite comment on the Kiwiblog article: quote.

Don the Kiwi

Was reading up on UK & Europe climate the other day. Around 8000 BC at the end of the last ice age, the Dogger Bank in the North Sea was actually dry land, joining England to Europe. As the ice age ended, the rising water gradually inundated Doggerland to isolate Britain, so that by around 6,000 BC, the climate was warmer than it is now. Must have been all those mammoths & deer and bison etc. and a few humans doing a lot of farting to warm the atmosphere.
Same as the Roman warm period ? warmer than today.
Its mostly bullshit ? Humans do obviously contribute a little, but catastrophic warming caused by humans?? Nup. end quote.

I often point out to warmists that Britain grew vines and produced wine in the Roman era – a feat that they have only been able to repeat in the last 20 or so years. It must have been fairly warm there in Roman times, and there were no power plants or gas-guzzling vehicles to contribute to the atmospheric warming.

Stuff is becoming ridiculous. Everywhere you look, they are being mocked for their climate change propaganda but while most of their articles are just cringeworthy, this is the first time that they have just made up the numbers. Well done, Stuff. Joseph Goebbels would be proud of you.