Males can destroy but males will also build

Yet another example of toxic, white masculinity out oppressing the womenfolk.

The Left and those of the misguided feminist mindset are wrong to categorise all men together. Generally, male soldiers liberate women from the depravity of militant jihadists and male police officers will arrive to take out the criminal terrorists.

Some believe that white masculinity is toxic and must be suppressed. Men are the problem. We make war; we commit crimes; men rape; we apparently thrust our aggression into everything.

Males can destroy but males will also build.

The Left?s edict to eradicate the alleged destructive male tendency have promoted emasculation to enhance state dependency, while simultaneously stating the obvious, that women can do anything, and in New Zealand they do.

The Left simultaneously say men are the barriers to progress and masculinity is a condition to be avoided; therefore, left-wing union educators who disenfranchise male teachers encourage boys not to become men; they try feminizing – the boys should never be encouraged to ?be a man?.

But all the boys I encounter want to become men; real men want to be men. Most boys exude healthy masculinity, which is true to nature. It is teaching boys how to ?be a gentleman? that is the challenge.

If boys are not educated by good men, they can be trained by bad men; if they are denied good male role models to follow, they may follow bad ones. If they are not taught history, they may never know eminent role models that played an integral role in preserving and developing our western civilisation.

The Left routinely speak about their utopian world run by women and in such a world they would create ?soy boy subservient men?. Many New Zealand sons are already living in a male-free environment in both the home and the education system. These boys who grow up without fathers may follow teenage role models who lack fathers themselves so they never learn how to be a gentleman. They live in a risky world that requires masculine defence but have no one to teach them to distinguish between defence, assertion and aggression.

The Left?s dichotomous choice between emasculation and toxic masculinity leaves some men shut out and leaves some youths uncertain about their life’s direction and their purpose. Excluded because they are not needed to be the defenders and providers for their families because of the Socialist benefit system, they risk becoming a nonentity. Being able to fight and be tough doesn?t fully maketh the man. In my case my male teachers and Police Citizens boys club coaches taught me how to try, by my own choice, to be a gentleman: to try and protect my family and my community and to stand up for good things, to build rather than destroy.

Sadly we exist in a society whose political elite and media attempt to deny manhood altogether, by minimising any male role in society or worse by categorizing all masculinity as angry and violent.

Despite a government and media opposed to our existence, to all the white ?gentlemen? out there who try their utmost to help society, keep on standing. Reasonable people appreciate your societal contributions.

The age of emasculation cannot last and our future could be intentionally be made very problematic by the Coalition of Losers. They are cultivating and increasing state dependency and seem intent on signing away our dominion over our borders.

When the white man-haters are in trouble because anarchy reigns, I wonder who they are going to call on for help?