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The World Map of Y-DNA Haplogroups

Ever lie?awake at night worried?about which haplogroup you descended from? Let’s resolve this once and all…

Y-chromosome DNA (Y-DNA) haplogroups are determined by?single-nucleotide polymorphism?(SNP) tests. SNPs are locations on the DNA where one?nucleotide?has “mutated” or “switched” to a different nucleotide.

Because a haplogroup consists of similar?haplotypes, it is possible to predict a haplogroup from the haplotype. An SNP test is required to confirm the haplogroup prediction. Not all the testing companies offer SNP testing, and consequently, their customers’ haplogroup predictions are sometimes inaccurate. For advice on SNP testing, it is recommended that you join the appropriate?Y-DNA haplogroup project?and seek advice from the volunteer project administrators.

ISOGG maintains the most up-to-date version of the?Y-SNP tree. The tree is updated as and when new branch-defining SNPs are discovered.?Phylotree maintains a minimal reference phylogeny for the human Y-chromosome, an abbreviated version of the Y-tree showing only the principal branches.