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Countries that do not recognize Christmas as Public Holiday

If you are holed?up in any of these peaceful regions over the Christmas period, what a turkey, look forward to a low-key fest of mint tea, tomatoes, hummus, olives, tahini and goat meat. The lucky ones may get a puff of hashish, but definitely no beersies?or single malts for you.? Meantime…

In New Zealand, the Pohutukawa’s are a display of bright red stamens, reminding us we have but a week. We can literally smell, feel and touch Christmas. Even the?cheeky Tui’s are excited, singing: “It’s the people, it’s the people, it’s the people!” They are a merry bunch, protected by law and not very pleasant to eat.

Yes, New Zealand we are free and we can celebrate Christmas – how friggin awesome is that?