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Christmas Celebrations Around the World

We have no snow in NZ at Christmas time but plenty of craft beer on tap. IPA’s, APA’s, Hop Rockers and Stout. Speights,?Lion Red and some may even have a few Waikato Drafts. Each to their own I say…..who are we to judge? This is the beauty of New Zealand people…..we have freedom of choice and one of them is to celebrate Christmas.

Tunu huruhuru, kei wawe tu ana a Puwhakaoho.

Roast (your bird) with its feathers on; (or your rat) with its fur, lest you be suddenly surprised by an unwelcome visitor.?Here figuratively named Startling-trumpet.?Meaning: Be quick at your cooking and eating, or visitors may eat it for you.

National Library of New Zealand

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