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Merry Christmas!

Like Kim?Jung?Un, who’s happy with his Korea, we too are happy with New Zealand?

We are not a crass uncultured people? Our national identity is defined by a silver fern leaf and the flightless kiwi.

Many countries have emblems resembling lions, eagles, AK47’s, spears, clubs, assegais, shields, or dragons, yet we chose a far friendlier approach.

  1. Our Kiwi?is a mysterious creature many New Zealanders will never see?across their lifetimes. A bird that did not adopt any?defence or attack mechanisms such as flight, a nasty bite or talons that rip and tear. These cuties only come out at night under the cover of complete and utter darkness and only when the forest is very-very quiet.
  2. Our silver fern is just as mysterious as our kiwi. Look around you will not find any. It is only when you turn a leaf over will you find what you are looking for.
  3. Our sports uniforms are a tad bland, being either black or white, with black being the favourite.
  4. We are the land under the long white cloud. Nothing like a bit of cloud cover to protect us from prying eyes. A moderate people bereft of any pesky Russian spies.

These are the four things that define us.

Merry Christmas!

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