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Humourous Outlines of the United Kingdom

This series of fantastic anthropomorphic maps, each footnoted by a witty quatrain, was produced by London publisher Hodder and Stoughton in the 1860s. The images here are separate prints from the Library of Congress, but they also can be found on the?Internet Archive?in book form, the title page of which credits the introduction and descriptive lines to a certain ?Aleph?, the alias of London surgeon and ?a frequent contributor to periodical literature? William Harvey. Although in the few recent mentions we can find of?Geographical Fun?Harvey is credited as the artist behind these wonderful maps, we wonder if this is really true. The most convincing case against this is that in the very first line of his introduction Harvey states the following:

The young lady who is responsible for these Sketches is now in her fifteenth year, and her first idea of Map Drawing is traceable to her meeting with a small figure of Punch riding on a Dolphin, and contrived to represent England. The thought occurred to her when seeking to amuse a brother confined to his bed by illness

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