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Nuove Scoperte…..or not?

Back in the day?when commissioned to find the New World that is exactly what you did. Failure was not an option, it was literally: “Befynd?the brytenlond?or daeg”

Faced with a cake or death scenario, these intrepid explorers sailed blindly into the unknown, relying?on God, the stars and tides to?guide them. Some were not so lucky such as?our own Captain Cook who discovered New Zealand, or Kim Jung?Un who created his own Korea.

A simple fix though, ask?your cartologist to draw a map! This way you save face when you get home again.?Today’s map is a case in point; Zatta drew a wonderful map of a world he wished he had found.

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Nuove Scoperte De’Russi al Nord del Mare del Sud si nell’Asia, che nell’America?(1776). Copperplate map, 29.9 x 38.4 cm., handcolored. From Zatta’s?Atlante novissimo?(Venice, 1775-1785). [Historic Maps Collection: purchased with funds provided by Robert M. Backes, Class of 1939.]

Zatta’s map is one of the better examples of eighteenth-century speculative cartography, including many named, but nonexistent, rivers and lakes in the interior of northern North America. The cartouche, while extremely decorative, shows animals that are clearly more suited to tropical climates. All of this unscientific mapmaking would change quickly, though, in the ensuing decades, as cartography benefited from a large number of expeditions in Arctic latitudes, beginning with the great English circumnavigator James Cook.

Calling the bold?and the intellect…

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