Migrant compact smacks of cover up

No, I am not going to let this go. I’m not going to give up… not until you all tell me to, anyway. We are now into the Christmas break, and the government is relying on us all forgetting about it over the summer. We must not do that.

Tim Dower at?Newstalk ZB?reports: quote.

Winston Peters is at the UN this morning, casting New Zealand’s vote in favour of the UN Compact on Migration.

This is the supposedly non-binding, non-interfering with our sovereignty, non-dictating of our immigration policy compact which is being pushed through at the UN this morning.

Peters has waved away the criticism. I think we’ve been deliberately kept in the dark on this. end quote.

I think so too. I think that the government was hoping it would stay under the radar. Once it started to surface, Jacinda was very evasive, claiming that Winston would decide (which I believe), that cabinet would discuss it, but then they wouldn’t discuss it, because Winston would decide.?quote.

Notably, the Aussies are not supporting it nor is the United States.

Winston Peters says the aim of it is to reduce the risks migrants face and also mitigate the factors that keep people from having sustainable livelihoods in their home countries.

Peters says legal advice from Crown Law and his own Ministry have confirmed the compact is not legally binding.

So why the heck would we sign up to it.

Especially when our nearest neighbours, who’ve had much more experience with unwanted and uninvited migrants than we have don’t want a bar of it.

I’d be taking my lead from them. end quote.

Absolutely… for no other reason than to give them no more incentive to force New Zealanders to apply for visas to visit Australia. This is rapidly becoming a serious issue while this government plays games with our immigration policy. quote.

It seems to me that by signing up to this, we’re almost putting up a big sign, saying “come on down”.

The Government has gone out of its way to obfuscate and confuse on this issue and now anyone who’s critical of it could be running into trouble.

It’s just not right.

We’re entitled to know what’s being done in our name and frankly, the way this has been handled smacks of a cover-up. end quote.

It does not merely smack of a cover-up. It clearly is a cover-up. The government did not want us to know that they were signing up for it. THAT WE WERE SIGNING UP FOR IT.

After all, if this compact is all great and cute and cuddly then why the cover-up? Why the obfuscation? Why the lies? Why did they pretend it wasn’t happening, or might not happen until… it already had?

The only thing I can take solace from is the NZ First party’s Facebook page. Winston can blame National and the alt-right all he wants but his own voters are not having a bar of it. They voted for Winston, based on the promises he made, and they do not like being taken for fools.

Your time is coming, Winston. Bring it on.

You only have yourself to blame.