Mommas, don’t let your jihadis grow up to be kill-boys

Caption: They blow up so fast ? from jihadi tyke to terrorism arrest in just four years.

As I wrote recently, parents who publicly use their kids as political ventriloquist dummies in a desperate bid for vicarious affirmation deserve a special place in hell. The same is even more true of parents who inculcate their children with violently extremist ideologies. Quote:

The mother of a young child who was seen holding a sign saying “behead all those who insult the prophet” during the Sydney riots has spoken to police, with authorities deeming her children to be safe.

“She apparently said the child had been brought [to the protest] because they didn’t expect it to become violent, which you might disagree with, but that was her account,” [Family and Community Services Minister Pru] Goward said.

“The police then went back to the house and assessed the children and assessed that they were safe. So that is where they remain.

“But I think there is unfinished business in ensuring that the messages about mutual respect and non-violence are applied. End of quote.

Apparently, that business remained unfinished. Very badly unfinished. Quote:

One of two teenagers arrested with bayonets in Sydney?s south-west has been found guilty of planning a terror attack?The teenager found guilty was accused of holding extremist views for many years.

He had been photographed as he held up a sign at the Hyde Park riots when he was aged just 12.

The placard read ?behead all those who insult the prophet?. End of quote.

For the past couple of days, Australia has been subjected to the inane prattlings of an indoctrinated brat who refuses to stand for the anthem. Turns out we?ve been there before. Quote:

He had also refused to stand up for the Australian national anthem at a school assembly.

?I will only stand up for Allah and I do not respect the Australian Government because they sent troops overseas to kill the men and rape the children? he allegedly told his principal. End of quote.

As I wrote in reply to a comment on my post about the anthem-denying brat du jour, showing respect for the anthem and the flag is an important civic ritual especially in immigrant nations like Australia. Compared to ethnically homogeneous nations, immigrant nations have a fragile shared history and culture. Allegiance to the nation, however abstract and even silly as that may seem, is then the glue that binds us.

Otherwise, instead of a nation, there are only often mutually hostile tribes crammed together in the same geographic space. As history shows, that never works out well.

Elites may think it a jolly wheeze to use their parrot-like progeny to vicariously soapbox their self-loathing for Australia, but as these tween jihadis show, encouraging that kind of ostentatious disrespect can wind up in some very dark places. Quote:

Coalition MP George Christensen yesterday suggested that the child should be put in the care of “better people”.

“Using a toddler to peddle an incitement to violent killing is disgusting and I think the Australian public would expect the authorities to take up the matter with the parents,” Mr Christensen said in a statement yesterday. End of quote.

Unfortunately, authorities in the West today will happily punish parents who desist from indulging their children?s state-inculcated delusions of gender, but encouraging your children to hate their country is just dandy.