Naughty or nice

Wellingtonians! You are in for a treat! The Maori Santa is coming to Wellington! Yes, that’s right! Hana Koko’s on his way with lots of toys and goodies on his sleigh…

Robert Herewini, who played the role of Santa in the 2018 Nelson Santa Parade, is coming to Wellington.

Well, a red feather cloak anyway.

The Nelson Times reports: quote.

Wellington’s Aro Park looks set to be swamped as Nelson’s M?ori Santa comes to town.

Earlier this month?Robert Herewini appeared as “M?ori?Santa”?Hana?K?k? in Nelson’s Santa parade sparking criticism about it not being a traditional Santa, with some of the comments racially charged. end quote.

No, they weren’t. Just about all of the comments were about his attire. No one objects to a Maori guy playing Santa. But this wasn’t Santa. quote.

That backlash – and a desire to let?Herewini know that those comments were not typical of New Zealand – sparked a Facebook page,?Bring M?ori Santa To Welly!?end quote.

Oh God. Why? Why do we have to do this? quote.

But given the overwhelming support for the idea – and?Herewini’s agreement to come – it started a real plan to bring the M?ori Santa to Aro Valley’s December?22?Summer Sounds?event at Aro Park to be the “star of the show”. end quote.

So the idea is that the Maori guy will completely overshadow the actual star of the show, which is the guy in the Santa suit. I can see that Wellington kids are going to be just as disappointed as the Nelson ones. quote.

By Wednesday, 810 people had said they would attend and another 4600 said they were interested in attending.?A crowd funding page had raised $1442 to bring?Herewini up.

Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern and Wellington Mayor Justin Lester would be invited, Taylor said.

Lester?was going to be out of Wellington on the day of the event but said it was good to see Wellingtonians get behind M?ori Santa. end quote.

At least Justin Lester won’t be there. That is a lucky escape. He is all for the complete Maorification of Wellington, even though most people just don’t give a toss. The real Santa would probably have been dressed in a grass skirt if Lester were there. quote.

Speaking to?TVNZ’s?Marae?programme on Sunday, Herewini admitted it had been a difficult few days following?his Hana K?k? appearance.

“It’s been pretty tough with all the comments and stuff that they’ve said?on Facebook ? it’s been quite?draining?and it’s had an effect on my family.” end quote.

I’m sorry the whole debacle has been upsetting for Robert Herewini, but honestly, what were they thinking? And for that matter, what is anybody thinking now?

This is just another mad plot to get rid of a western tradition. Mark my words, the traditional Santa is on his way out. Before we know it, kids will only see Hana Koko at Christmas parades.

The whole Santa tradition will be completely changed. Instead of a Santa that gives out presents to children, maybe the new Santa will collect presents instead.

Photoshopped image credit: Technomage