Nero Fiddled

Photoshopped image credit: Boondecker

Early Saturday morning at 4:30 am, our Gisborne group headed for Auckland to protest The UN Migration Pact.

We deviated to Rotorua to pick up an immigrant from South Africa, a young man of 19 who is distraught that the country he and his family escaped to is facing the same kind of existential crisis they were back in Cape Town.

As we travelled through Matamata we noticed a Farmers Market underway so decided to don our New Zealand flag capes, take up our placards and canvass the park. We were respectful in our approach and were well received by a small range of similarly concerned Kiwis, though the apathy surrounding such issues was sadly present in equal measure.

We then continued on to Auckland and Aotea Square, where we joined with the co-organisers from The Free Speech Movement as well as a hand full of Auckland based people from our group.

Speakers present were Stephen Berry from ACT, Elliot Ikieli from New Conservative, Robert Gore of NZ First youth, Paul Davie from One NZ and Chris Newman from The Free Speech Movement.

It was disappointing that Judith Collins was a no-show especially after she called me on Thursday evening to confirm her attendance.
I can only assume that she was otherwise detained with a more important issue.

I was pleased to meet with a few Oilers and was in general pleased with how the event proceeded. The expectation of 100-200 attendees was met, though it was a little disappointing not to see more.

As the event was being packed down word came through that Jacinda was at The Civic enjoying a showing of ballet, so the remnants of the rally decamped to the back entrance to greet her.

I was reminded of the story of Nero, fiddling while Rome burned, consumed with his own importance as the great city was razed. This was a perfect analogy for Jacinda, enjoying some largesse at a government-funded arts event while a delegation gathers in Marrakesh preparing to?piss?over the sovereignty that our forebears paid for in sweat, toil and blood sacrifice.

Jacinda Ardern and Winston Peters should be ashamed of themselves.