Nige’s Christmas


T’was the night before Christmas and at Nige’s place

He tried to be merry, put on a brave face

He’d run out of beer and his heart it did break

Cos Deb hadn’t sent him his Christmas cheesecake


So drowning his sorrows was now on his mind

No beer in the house, and so what could he find?

And there in the fridge was the very best thing

A bottle of cider and a glass of Riesling


But as this is Nige he decided to pour

The wine and the cider together, for sure

‘No Dad, please don’t do that’ his daughter did beg

You do know that wine is good old Roaring Meg?


‘So what do I care? I’m so needing a drink

My cheesecake’s not here and I’m starting to think

That nobody cares about me any more’

So he reached for a beer glass and started to pour


‘Oh Dad, please don’t think that. You know it’s not true.

And I’ve bought a really cool present for you

Its just after midnight, it’s now Christmas Day

I’ll give you your present from me right away’


He opened the gift thinking what could it be?

A Megadeth T shirt and? Metallica CD!

He gave her a bear hug, his heart it did swell

But the drink made him dizzy and over he fell


Then suddenly there was a knock at the door

And Nige had to pick himself up off the floor

A courier gave him a parcel wrapped tight

T’was Deb’s Christmas cheesecake of Turkish delight


Our Nige was so happy but drink takes its toll

He slipped, lost his footing and started to roll

And so he keeled over, fell flat on his face

And the cheesecake was splattered all over the place


The moral of the story is plain to define

Just don’t make a punch with some really good wine

It seems that the Riesling just had the last say

You don’t ever treat Roaring Meg in that way

Merry Christmas everyone.???