Night falls on European Jewry. Again.

Caption: Mark Lewis: “It?s time to wander again”.

For the second time in a century, Jews are fleeing Europe. Even Britain, a haven for Jews for nearly 200 years, has become so hostile that Jews are packing up and leaving. Quote:

A leading British lawyer emigrated from the United Kingdom to Israel this week, saying he and his partner were fleeing rising and sometimes violent hatred of Jews.

?Europe in my view is finished. Every day you see people being attacked in one way or another across Europe,? Mark Lewis told an Israeli TV station on landing in the country. ?You see people murdered in museums in Belgium, people murdered in schools in France, people attacked in England. There is only one place for Jewish people to go.” End of quote.

Lewis is hardly a reactionary right-winger: he is best known for representing the Dowler family in the case that spearheaded revelation of the Murdoch phone-hacking scandal. Quote:

Lewis, 54, is one of the top libel lawyers in the United Kingdom. He said that he and his partner, Mandy Blumenthal, were impelled to leave their home in the United Kingdom because they faced growing abuse for being Jewish, including online death threats. He suggested that some of the British Jews they left behind were in denial about the severity of their plight.

?We?re a wandering people, and it?s time to wander again,” he said. “People just don?t want to see it.” End of quote.

This time it?s not gibbering loons with funny moustaches and thugs in brown shirts who are driving the pogrom. Quote:

The couple said they knew other Jews who were also considering leaving because of anti-Semitism and largely blamed the left-wing Labour Party under its current leader, Jeremy Corby.[sic]

?Jeremy Corbyn moved the rock, and the anti-Semites crawled out from underneath the rock,” said Lewis. “They?re not going back.”

?There?s been a total climate change,” Blumenthal said. “It?s become acceptable to be anti-Semitic. It?s brought out people?s feelings to the surface.” End of quote.

As usual, the Corbynites try their ?What, us? Anti-Semites?? routine, even as they babble about ?the Jews?, and pal around with Jew-killing terrorists. Quote:

In response to the couple?s interview, a Labour spokesperson said Corbyn is a ?militant opponent? of anti-Semitism and committed to uprooting it from the party.

But Corbyn had made such claims before, and yet scandals over anti-Semitic or hateful anti-Israel comments by Labor members have ?continued to pile up. British Jews, along with some Labourites, have accused Corbyn of not seriously addressing the problem, and of being part of it himself.

Before becoming Labour leader, Corbyn ?repeatedly met with or attended events alongside Palestinian terrorists with blood on their hands. In 2009, he invited Hezbollah and Hamas operatives, whom he called “friends,” to visit the British Parliament. In 2014, he was photographed holding a wreath near the graves of Palestinian terrorists involved in the massacre of 11 Israeli athletes at the Munich Olympics in 1972. End of quote.

No wonder the left has such a boner for Islam: anti-Semites of a feather pogrom together. Quote:

Longstanding anti-Semitism on the continent has been exacerbated by large-scale ?Muslim immigration, and Jews have been singled out in the spate of recent Islamist terrorist attacks. End of quote.

In Australia, too, Muslims are playing a disproportionate role in anti-Semitic violence. In Sydney, Australia?s Islamic epicentre, Muslims are 25 times more likely to perpetrate attacks on Jews than non-Muslims. Quote:

But all sides of politics bear a responsibility to combat the eternal menace of anti-Semitism. quote.

By comparison, the United States has remained friendly toward Jews. But especially in the wake of the ?deadly shooting at a Pittsburgh synagogue in October, some have ?pointed to growing signs of anti-Semitism on both the ?American left and right. End of quote.

Only a fool would deny that there is an anti-Semitic fringe on the right. They?re a minority, but a vocal one, and that has to be tackled. On the left, however, anti-Semitism is (relatively) less overt ? disguising itself as ?anti-Zionist? and ?pro-Palestinian? ? but more pervasive. ?Anti-Israel? is almost a given for too many leftists. Try as they might to deny anti-Semitism, it doesn?t take much scratching of a bog-standard BDS supporter to uncover a raging Jew-hater.