‘Nihil novi sub sole’ (there is nothing new under the sun)

This?Latin?expression appeared in the Vulgate Bible phrase, ?nihil novi sub sole? (?there is nothing new under the sun?), now in Ecclesiastes 1:9.

Consequently,?when reading General Mattis’s resignation letter, I noted his profound insight into the governing of nations, ?that we are again witnessing an international struggle between two irreconcilable belief systems?, this being reminiscent of the Cold War: a war between Communism (actually Socialism) and our free democratic society, the West.

Western democracies possess a naive belief that their value system is morally pure, incorporating the best traits of the human character. It is therefore assumed that democracy must be universally accepted, and must therefore prevail.?However, New Zealand has endured bad governance under recent MMP coalition regimes such that we are now reaching a tipping point.?

?Democracy? is a fragile philosophy of very recent origin. ?The people? have had a governing influence for only 100 years or less; until very recently, the votes of the barest majority have been recognised as the legitimate source of power.

However, under the New Zealand MMP system, a mere 7% list minority party is allowed to decide the?government’s make-up. That a small minority vote in the MMP mixture is needed to attain that level of barest majority is, in fact, our Achilles heel.

Our politics have become the playground of the self-promoting, the self-seeking and the cynical. The object of the power game is to combine minority parties and thus assume governance as ?the majority?.

One of their tools of negotiating governance is using our own public money to buy future votes. Additionally, governance is gained by capturing ?niche votes? by the relentless exploitation of social media, by introducing the concept of ?hate speech? to achieve the elimination of free speech?and by dumbing down public debate.

They take advantage of the ?one-hour news cycle? of mainstream media, in which the distorted click-bait headline coupled with bias and omission of the facts defeats thorough research and logical analysis in the battle for the reader’s mind.

The disillusionment with the existing ?democratic? MMP political process underpins the fact that the majority lack an effective voice. This will result in apathy, more attention to minority ?victimhood? and benign acceptance of the decline of our individual rights and the sovereignty of our nation.

My hope is that we all enjoy the festive season, but as we welcome 2019 let us not forget to combat apathy by informing those who are naive or ignorant of the facts. Let us not allow the globalists to win the power game by default. We are undoubtedly under siege by the globalists who are attempting to tear down our walls of dominion, aided by a government which is supposed to protect our country. I aver that 2019 is the time to reinforce our freedom and our rights. Let us stand together and be counted.

I do remember that the West has won before, and let us not forget, ?there is nothing new under the sun?. Merry Christmas to you all and a Happy New Year.