No Joy in the Green world

Caption: A typical green activist.

If you?re old enough to think that watching other people play video games on YouTube doesn?t class as entertainment, then you might remember when the Christian Television Association regularly ran ads on tv. For better or worse, they were a constant presence in our young lives, like being dragged off to Sunday School every time Mum thought we needed a bit of taming.

One of the last ads I recall seeing, some time in the 80s, featured a Barry Humphries-esque old duck returning to church, and finding it full of enthusiastic young folk spouting fashionably progressive slogans. In retrospect, this rather silly ad was a harbinger of what was to come, as certain churches, desperate to get less-withered bums on the pews, began to embrace the sort of empty-headed lefty virtue-signalling that so appeals to the young and stupid. So, now, it?s all rainbow stoles and sermons brow-beating parishioners about asylum seekers.

Worse, though, is when watermelon apparatchiks who openly despise Christianity nonetheless find it politically expedient to hijack it to their empty-headed causes. Quote:

The mayor?s welcome in the songbook for Darebin City Council?s Carols in All Nations event doesn?t actually mention Christmas?We get it ? even when it provides traditional holidays and festivities, overt Christianity doesn?t convey the virtue-signalling tolerance some people are after. Sure, it is kinda cool to celebrate Eid al-Fitr or Deepavali and perhaps join the odd smoking ceremony but Christmas is not woke.

Still, even some of the most dogmatic atheists love carols. Carols are fun. And people love to get together at this time of year. What to do? Talk about your existential, secular, First World, inner-city, green-left quandary. End of quote.

Darebin City Council, remember, is the same lefty propaganda machine that is behind the fashionable attempts to denigrate Australia Day out of existence. Quote:

Darebin has found the answer. ?You?ll notice this year we?ve included the addition of Carols against Coal,? continues Mayor Rennie, ?sung by the Harmony for Humanity Choir.? I kid you not?Now at this stage you might be a doubting Thomas but believe me, I have the songbook and you can touch it (well, Google it). And as much as I wish I could deny this three times before the cock crows, the reality is that this is your country in AD 2018. End of quote.

It was bad enough when the theocons were attempting to yoke Christianity to their odious political cause. But, at least the theocons had the poor excuse of actually believing what they were preaching. The left make no secret of their hatred for Christianity. Even when they?re cynically using Christian holidays, they deliberately strip any actual Christianity out of it and replace it with open mockery. Quote:

The host for the night was Mama Alto, a ?gender transcendent diva?. The program told us Mama is a ?non-binary trans femme? and a ?queer person of colour? but didn?t mention what songs she sang.

The Hecklers for Humanity, sorry, Harmony for Humanity Choir, we are told, was ?born as a result of local community members identifying that they wanted to do something positive for refugees and asylum-seekers? living in the community. Just how the ?Carols against Coal? would help refugees, I am unsure. But let me share some with you.

Sung to the tune of O Come all ye Faithful was ?O come all ye ?miners???Come and dig up Queensland. The Galilee?s waiting for your heavy machines. Where will you burn coal? Renewables are coming. It?s all about the ?climate, It?s all about the climate, It?s all about the climate that we must protect?

?Try this one (if you guess the tune it must be a numerological sign you will vote Green): ?Silent night, smoky night, coal fired power, coal fired light. Governments have failed us now. Politicians, they don?t know how. Still coal exports go on, still coal ?exports go on.? I don?t know about you but sometimes I think kids get a bit too much comfort at Christmas. You know, all that parental care and unconditional love. So thankfully the activists of Darebin have injected into Away in a Manger just a little bit of fear and loathing to toughen up the youngsters.

?Away in the Arctic, the glaciers melt; the ice turns to water. The warming is felt by bears on their ice floes drifting off where they?re blown; disconnected from food stocks, poor bears, all alone.?

So cheery, it is, after all, the season of goodwill. End of quote.

It?s no coincidence that the Grinch who stole Christmas was green.