Nothing to see here

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Good old Tracy Watkins. When the chips are down, she will always support her old buddy, Jacinda. Here she goes again, with one of her fiction opinion pieces in?Stuff, coming to the defence of the PM. What do I call Tracy in her new role? A henchwoman? quote.

National has also got the bit between its teeth?and Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern in its sights after she revealed an associate of convicted drug smuggler?Karel Sroubek?texted her about the initial decision to grant him residency.

The text was after news of the decision broke, so not the smoking gun the Opposition claims. end quote.

Oh, I think it is Tracy, and you know so too. Jacinda was particularly high handed when talking to the media and telling them to ?read between the lines?. Now that it turns out that her longstanding buddy Richie Hardcore has campaigned on behalf of Sroubek, first to stop him from being imprisoned and later to stop him from being deported, I think we have seen all the lines we need. quote.

But it is vowing to keep digging into further links between the prime minister and Sroubek’s associate, Richie Hardcore, who has posted multiple photos of himself posing with Ardern at various events and referring to her as a friend. end quote.

Hardcore refers to himself as Jacinda’s friend. National doesn’t need to. quote.

Ardern has not divulged the exact contents of the text but acknowledged it was supportive of Sroubek and the decision to grant the Czech?national residency. end quote.

Seeing that we know what the text was about, it seems very strange that she won’t release the text. Can’t be a good look then, can it? quote.

The Opposition has?been desperate to link Ardern to the scandal and the Hardcore revelation has certainly done wonders for morale, lighting a fire under National leader Simon Bridges and his front bench.

The original residency decision seemed so bizarre and inexplicable that everyone has been scrambling to uncover what lay behind it. end quote.

It didn’t seem bizarre. It was bizarre. Drug dealers are not usually high on the list of people who qualify for residency here. Nor are wife beaters. Sroubek scores on both counts and Tracy knows this. quote.

But on its own the Hardcore text proves little – it was sent?after the story broke on?Stuff?weeks ago and Ardern didn’t bother responding. end quote.

The fact that it was sent after the decision had been made means nothing. It is what the text says that counts. What if it says something like: “Hey thanks Darling for giving Karel residency like I asked. I owe you one. Love Richie.” quote.

This all has the smell of Labour’s desperate attempts early on in John Key’s leadership to taint him with scandal – there were allegations of electoral fraud, conflicts of interests, blind trusts and the shambolic?H-bomb affair,?supposedly implicating Key in a giant fraud, that turned out to be a huge own goal for Labour and a bad case of mistaken identity.

None of them amounted to anything and the public tuned out.

But there is a determined whispering campaign underway that suggests National is far from ready to give up on the case against Ardern yet. end quote.

There was nothing in any of those particular conspiracies, and that may still be the case with this one. If she would just release the text, we could put the entire matter to bed. But she won’t. And we all know why.

Nice try, Tracy, but no dice. The prime minister is hiding something, and this whole business has stunk to high heaven from the beginning. You know it, and so do we.