NZ First’s immigration policy

Photoshopped image credit: Luke

Winston Peters has sold out New Zealand, and the consequences of the poisoned dwarf’s actions will be felt for decades to come.

Remember this? quote.

New Zealand First delegates have voted to support the party introducing a bill that would make migrants and refugees “respect New Zealand values”.

It was a hotly-debated motion this morning at the party’s annual convention in Tauranga, with one delegate saying there should be a citizenship test because “they got to learn how to be disciplined in our country ways”.

“I’m afraid we’re getting some certain types creeping in, of various nationalities, or various ideas, that are not actually kosher with New Zealand’s way of life.”

Another delegate said he supported the bill. While New Zealand welcomed immigrants who wanted to help build New Zealand, “We won’t want people here and then running off to create trouble”. end quote.

It’s hard to believe it was only 3 months ago when NZ First voted for a policy to force immigrants to ‘respect New Zealand values’. The need for this policy was demonstrated only this week when a Hawkes Bay man was prosecuted for slavery… in New Zealand, in 2018.

Well, we are going to see a lot more incidents of slavery, and the treatment that women can expect as the supporters of Sharia law pour over the border will be something for the 50 most influential harpies of New Zealand to really write a letter about.

So let us take a look at NZ First’s?15 Fundamental Principles?that make up NZ First’s policy, shall we? quote.

Fifteen Fundamental Principles:

The party was founded on its ?Fifteen Fundamental Principles?, which still inform the party?s policy and its approach to governance today:

1. To put New Zealand and New Zealanders First? ??end quote.

We need go no further. Winston has already breached his first fundamental principle. By signing the UN Global Migration Compact, he is now treating all New Zealand citizens and all immigrants – legal or not – in the same way. The Compact allows absolutely no form of discrimination against migrants or refugees. That means that migrants have all the same rights as New Zealand citizens, and we are not allowed to discriminate in favour of our own people.

Time to stop pretending you don’t know that, Winston. Stop pretending that it is all National’s fault, or that we are all too stupid to understand. You signed this. I have read the document. It is terrifying for a country that wants to protect its borders.

Further down the list comes the party’s immigration policy quote.

8. Immigration

Whilst this country, with such a small population, will continue to require an infusion of overseas skills and expertise, immigration will cease to be used as an excuse for our failure to train, skill and employ our own people. end quote.

Well, you have honoured that fundamental principle, Winston. Immigration is now not an excuse for anything. If we need builders, we will not be trying to bring in qualified Irish labour. We will be bringing in unskilled migrants from the Horn of Africa with no English, no work skills whatsoever and an attitude to women that will turn us into the Sweden of the South Pacific. All on your watch.

Well done Winston.

The question I have to ask is – why?

There are only one or two possible explanations. A plum foreign posting? Will Winston be the next Ambassador to the US? Although, with his attitude towards Donald Trump, that does not seem likely.

So he must have been promised a knighthood and there, if you ever needed it, is a very good reason to get rid of the gongs for once and for all.

I used to believe in Winston Peters, but once he got into government with Jim Bolger, and then later with Helen Clark, he proved what a loose cannon he really was.? But in the case of those two governments, particularly the Bolger government, he was only guilty of bringing down a government.

This time, he is guilty of bringing down the whole country.

That is your legacy, Winston. I hope you are truly proud of yourself.