NZ to sign the UN migration pact

The man pictured above has campaigned throughout his political life on reducing immigration. He has always said that we should keep migrant numbers down and that it is very important that New Zealand keeps its unique culture. It is our geography more than anything that has enabled us to stop illegal migrants from pouring into our country, and we have also had a bit of help from Australia. Now that is all going to change. The man above, who has campaigned for as long as I can remember on lowering immigration, is one of the parties responsible for it. He is selling our country down the Nile for whatever his 30 pieces of silver consist of.

RNZ ?reports: quote.

New Zealand is likely going to sign up to a United Nations migration pact this week as long as it can iron out a concern around sovereignty.

Representatives of 193 countries are gathering in Marrakech, Morocco, on Monday and Tuesday to submit intentions – or not – to sign the Global Compact for Safe, Orderly and Regular Migration. end quote.

The vast majority of New Zealanders would not want a bar of this, but it has been kept out of the media, so most people don’t know much about it. Right at the moment, most people are more concerned about Christmas shopping and the upcoming holiday season. They are unaware that our right to decide who comes to our country is about to be taken away. By the time they do realise it, it will be a done deal. quote.

National’s foreign affairs spokesperson Todd McClay said it could affect New Zealand’s ability to set its own migration policy.

“The government should not sign this agreement.

“[It] treats legal and illegal migration the same and calls for restrictions on freedom of speech and the media. It is likely to have a detrimental effect on New Zealand’s ability to set independent policy today and in the future.” end quote.

Deep down, we knew all along our government was always going to sign it because, if they were not, we would have known long ago. In fact, it seems their intentions had been decided back in March, but no one has raised the issue until now.


Credit: William Felt

The compact is non-binding, meaning there would be no lawful obligation to include its principles in future decision-making. However, by signing up to the declaration New Zealand is at the very least morally obligated to honour it.

“Although non-mandatory, [it] speaks of ‘commit,’ ‘commitment,’ ‘must,’ something like 80 or 100 times,” Mr Bridges said.

“We have the right processes and policies; we don’t need the UN telling us what to do.” end quote.

You can bet it won’t stay non binding for long. Once signed, the UN will put huge pressure on the signatory countries to take large numbers of refugees opportunistic economic migrants. That is not the only issue. The compact restricts free speech and the freedom of the press by linking criticism of migration to hate crimes, and we are signing this.

We all know why Cindy wants to sign it; she wants a job at the UN in New York, following in the footsteps of Auntie Helen, and she does not care if she has to sell us down the river to get it, but why is Winston going against one of his own underlying principles? A principle that many people supported him on? quote.

New Zealand is sending UN representative Craig Hawke to Morocco. end quote.

If we are sending someone, you can be sure he is not going purely to admire the scenery.

I am disgusted with Winston Peters about this. So many people have been fooled by him time and time again, but this is possibly the most treacherous thing he has ever done. He could have stopped it, even if Jacinda was hell-bent on signing this compact, but he didn’t, and now it looks like a done deal.

Remember all those people who rallied in the streets, stopping traffic and throwing dildos at Stephen Joyce because the former TPPA contained clauses that were seen as a threat to our sovereignty??Where are all the hordes of activists now when our sovereignty really is under threat? They are nowhere. The whole anti-TPPA movement was just a political stunt, aimed entirely at the former government. These people do not care if our sovereignty is sold out.? They think they will be happy to live under Sharia law. For some reason, they think the harsh rules imposed by Islam will not apply to them. They are wrong.

In the meantime, Winston Peters has sold his country out. Remember that in 2020, voters… although it may already be too late by then.