NZ voters have been duped

Credit: SonovaMin

According to our trustworthy friends of the MSM, Winston Peters, whose NZ First party represents less than 4% of the electoral party vote and is part of a cobbled-together coalition minority party government, has just signed away our sovereignty.

When listening to Angela Merkel, just this week in her response to a question from the AfD, she initially defined the migration pact as non-binding. However, she subsequently confirmed that all the countries who have signed the pact can vote to amend the agreement to become a binding treaty.

Someone who thinks she is clever once said: ?read between the lines.? Well, reading between the lines, New Zealand is absolutely at risk of losing its sovereignty.

I had always perceived the New Zealand parliament to be supreme, with no other government institution able to over-ride its decisions, unless?an amendment is proposed that involves major changes that affect our nationhood. Such amendments would include for example, a declaration of war and any treaties that affect our security and sovereignty. In such extraordinary constitutional cases, a majority house vote of 75% in favour should be mandatory or, alternatively, a binding referendum should be initiated. Only then should any constitutional changes be mandated and subsequently legislated.

The House has entrenched?certain issues relating to elections and sovereignty particularly after New Zealand did away with an upper chamber in the 1950s. This eliminated the ?checks and balances? that other ?Westminster? parliamentary systems like Australia and the UK have retained.

These include:

  • The length of a parliamentary term
  • Deciding on who can vote
  • The voting method
  • How the country should be divided into electorates
  • The make-up of the Representation Commission, which decides on these electorates.

An immigration pact which shifts our voting rights to an international unelected parliament potentially eliminates control of our borders and of our sovereignty. Prior to signing any such document, the government should have to initiate a parliamentary vote that must exceed 75% in favour. Alternatively, a binding referendum should be required. As much as I would like this to be the process, we now appear to have a dictatorship. Our PM seems to believe that one or two ministers and a government caucus comprised of minority parties has a mandate to sign away our sovereignty.

Does the Coalition of Losers, have the authority to sign the migration pact or have they overshot the bounds of their legitimacy and governmental morality?

If in practice they can legally sign and amend our sovereignty without our mandate under this New Zealand parliamentary MMP system, then the New Zealand voters have been duped and we can now look forward to being ruled by non-elected UN and EU globalist elites.