Our greatest threat in thousands of years

Thousands of children hold placards and chant slogans after they walked out of school in protest against government inaction on climate change in Sydney in Australia on November 30, 2018. Photo: Reuters

Climate change is our greatest threat according to Richard Attenborough who addressed the United Nations Climate Change Summit in Poland.? Quote.

Right now, we are facing a man-made disaster of global scale, our greatest threat in thousands of years. Time is running out.? End of quote.

Attenborough needs to widen his reading because the latest scientific evidence is that the earth is actually cooling, not heating up as climate change enthusiasts maintain.

WH writing for Whaleoil earlier today?gave the latest scientific evidence of global cooling, not global warming.

Attenborough has been bowled over by the United Nations who pursue the agenda of fighting climate change, apparently to justify their existence. They call climate change ?the defining issue of our time? and our prime minister reads from the same page. Quote.?

Speaking at the One Planet Summit during the Bloomberg Global Business Forum in New York, Ardern said New Zealand was committed to playing a “significant role on the world stage” in climate change mitigation.? End of quote.

I really don?t expect Ardern to remove her socialist blinkers, but could someone else with a more accurate worldview please step up and challenge some of her more ridiculous claims?? We keep throwing money down the toilet on her hair-brained schemes.

We have real threats to deal with; like unfettered mass migration, a welfare system that has grown out of control, unending Treaty settlements and an ailing oil and gas industry, just for starters. Yet they get?no media airtime and are not burnt into the brains of children at school in the way the inaccurate global warming theory is.

Australia has similar problems but they have the benefit of sensible leadership.

Even so, Australian kids took to the streets this week.? Quote.?

Thousands of children walked out of school across?Australia?today in protest against government inaction on climate change, prompting a rebuke from a minister who said they were setting themselves up for “failure”.

Children, parents and teachers gathered in Sydney’s central business district in the lunch hour, chanting “ScoMo’s got to go”, referring to Prime Minister Scott Morrison.? End of quote.

Morrison’s response was: quote.

What we want is more learning in schools and less activism in schools, prime minister Scott Morrison yells after being asked a question about school students participating in a climate change strike” End of quote.

So say all of us, after witnessing classrooms that have become open slather for socialists with agendas to fulfil.? ?Quote.

There were similar protests in Melbourne, Brisbane, Perth and elsewhere after students in the national capital of Canberra held a protest earlier in the week.

“This is just the beginning. This is our first strike, our first movement altogether… We will keep leading more campaigns until something is done,” one of the protest leaders told the screaming, uniform-wearing crowd.??End of quote.

Isn’t the threat of political groups stealing our children’s minds just another threat we don’t acknowledge, much less attempt to address?