Our most vulnerable are being betrayed by this government

A new report has suggested that decriminalising drugs should earn the Government half a billion dollars in benefits.

The recent cry from the New Zealand MSM to increase the alcohol drinking age to twenty whilst an ex-prime minister encourages legalisation of the sale of marijuana, and then the Coalition of Losers compensating meth users for being evicted from State housing while government agencies attempt to eradicate cigarette smoking, have me questioning the irrational, contradictory edicts and the real underlying intentions of our government.

The repudiation of our historical Christian foundations and moral precepts may have harmful repercussions to vulnerable children and adults, yet the ?Progressive Left? reject those principles on the spurious grounds that it would actually ?protect the most vulnerable?.

?Progressive? cultural changes have undermined respect for the absolute rules that constrain how people behave.

?Progressive? policies damage the family unit by encouraging ?lone parenting? whilst discouraging marriage and denigrating men.

Being the child of a fatherless family since age 8 years, I was quite oblivious and happy and fortunately I had the benefit of excellent teachers as male role models. Now, as a man in my later years, I can perceive the misery of some children living under the yoke of a fatherless system which can lead to crime, educational underachievement or dropping out, alcohol and drug addiction and early pregnancy. These dysfunctional attitudes will then be handed down to the next generation.

Added to the problem of the fatherless family, we now have in some Western left-wing countries the official attitude that the use of drugs should be ?managed? rather than reduced.

The attitude of ?harm reduction? by decriminalisation of some drugs is being pushed despite the potential for young persons and adults to become enslaved to them. Legalising some drugs may encourage the risk takers, the dysfunctional and the vulnerable to try the more dangerous illegal drugs.

Managing addiction by legalising more drugs, rather than reducing addiction, is harmful. If marijuana needs to be legalised, do it by allowing the pharmaceutical companies to develop scientifically legitimate, FDA approved, marijuana-derived medications to alleviate definite medical symptoms.

If we don’t do that then legalisation is nothing more than tax gathering and socialist control.

Now, in a similar way, we face the prospect of the UN controlling our immigration levels. If they get it wrong, will we be allowed to deport terrorists or criminals for our protection? Or will their possible jeopardy if they are deported be prioritised over ours?

We have a government which seems intent on taking away our dominion while betraying our most vulnerable.

I hope to see some of you today at Aotea Square at 2.pm.

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