#PeakTrans has been achieved

How crazy has identity politics infighting gotten within the left-wing side of politics in New Zealand?

It has reached Peak Trans.

Two Transgender people raise a soft fist in support of biological women’s legal right to have an abortion and access to contraception but there is a small problem…

I will let two of the?left-wing women caught up in the infighting explain the problem in their own words.quote.


This march for Reproductive Rights has put out a statement that ?TERFS? aren?t welcome. And there is a transgender symbol on the posters. Bodily autonomy except being allowed to accurately define one?s body. Women?s reproductive rights must centre around men. end quote.

This is what feminist Renee Gerlich has to say: quote.



I’ve had an abortion.

I’m not allowed at a march for my own right to have done that, because liberals say so. end quote.

The group that organised the march have made it very clear that the rights of Trans women (ie men) are more important than the rights of actual biological women. The march is all about the reproductive rights of biological women because they (unlike Trans women) are the ones who use contraception and have abortions.

One can only conclude that ?Peak Trans? has been reached when real women are excluded from a so-called inclusive march for ?Women’s repoductive rights? so that men can have their feelings protected.

As feminists on the left in New Zealand are finding out to their horror, there is zero tolerance for those who refuse to toe the Trans party line. Simply stating that a woman is an adult human female is considered to be?hate speech these days by the Trans activist nutters. Just questioning the wisdom of self-identification on a birth certificate is branded transphobic.

A poster simply featuring the dictionary definition of ?woman? has been removed after a man claimed it could ?make transgender people feel unsafe?.

We should not be at all surprised that this left-wing division and exclusion has come to our shores. During the women’s marches in America, they were excluding women who were pro-life from their marches and they also excluded Jewish lesbians for proudly flying the Israeli flag.

Now in little old New Zealand, women are not allowed at so-called women’s marches because they dare to question the group think being pushed by men.

We have now reached Peak Trans.