PETA goes full retard: Female chickens are women too!

PETA (People against Exploitation of Tasty Animals) have a long history of being complete nutcases and coming up with some pretty crazy campaigns to stop people eating meat, even though millions of years of evolution have designed us so.

It seems they may have just gone full retard, and you should never go full retard!

PETA really are a bunch of eggs! that PETA has recently put up this billboard?near Highway 101 in San Jose, not far from San Fransisco. It shows a blonde-haired woman with an?egg?face alongside the message. Quote.

Face it?? You can’t claim to be a feminist and still eat eggs.?End quote.

As we all know, your average vegan activist can be a bit thick so, in acknowledgement of that fact, the sign also reads. Quote.

Eggs and dairy are a product of the abuse of females.?End quote.

Because female chickens are women too! Or should that be Womxn?

Even with the clarification for the simple protein-deficient vegan activists, some locals and social media?users expressed?confusion and scepticism so PETA Associate Director Ashley Byrne?spelled out?the group’s radical message?for the local ABC News affiliate. Quote.

Anyone who’s upset about the sexual abuse of women should be equally intolerant of the sexual abuse of females of any species,” she said. end quote.

According to Byrne, PETA thought the women of San Jose would be receptive to the billboard because their city has the highest median female income in the country.

Awesome, so now they’re being income-ist as well! Apparently, only rich people will be clever enough to understand their warped logic. Quote.

We felt this would be a place where there are strong, thoughtful women who would be receptive to this message about not exploiting females of other species,” she said. end quote.

Give me strength! Obviously PETA believes that poor people have no ability to be strong or thoughtful. That’s Raaaacist against poor people.

At least these numpty activists continue to show their true colours. They have long been showing just how differently they think to normal people, so I guess we should thank them for reminding us that they are far from normal and that they have been lying to the world for years. Remember the hideous fake sheared lamb advert that they did?

PETA lies.

Fortunately, that plastic lamb was about as real as the concept that female chickens are women too.

But what about the roosters? If female chickens are women then male chickens must be men. I guess they would probably just be privileged old white men so I imagine PETA would be happy to just have them culled as a favour to the world. It’s not like they don’t have plenty of form for killing animals themselves.

Tens of thousands of animals are killed every year by PETA

My personal favourite was the time that the activist fools stole some lobsters from a restaurant to liberate them but released the saltwater dwelling crustaceans into a local freshwater stream, thereby quickly sending them to meet their makers!

So remember everybody, next time someone talks about how great PETA is, just say: