Political report card: Jacinda Ardern


Jacinda comes and goes as she pleases and relies?heavily on Winston to do her work. She is lazy and tends to cherry-pick assignments that will get her good press.

Jacinda is excellent at delegating. She likes to prioritise assignments?in order to achieve maximum impact in the news.


Jacinda can be very scowly and has a wide range of upset facial expressions. She likes to say that she is all about kindness but she has been very undiplomatic and has upset some very powerful people like President Trump.

Jacinda is a very expressive person and believes in kindness towards others. Her principled stance has made her some powerful enemies like President Trump.


Jacinda dresses like a bag lady, not a prime?minister. She is not interested in getting fashion advice from professionals and insists on wearing shoes that look like slippers and half boots that only a bogan would wear. She is an embarrassment on the world stage.

Jacinda is an original who expresses her individuality in her dress. She is true to her roots and has not let the power of her position change her despite pressure to conform to outdated notions of how a prime minister should dress.

Personal qualities

Jacinda is an extrovert who comes across as down to earth and friendly when with adults. Intellectually her knowledge is limited but her charisma makes up for her lack of expertise. She is most at home talking about babies and talking to children.

Jacinda is an extrovert who wins people over with her down to earth and friendly approach. She relates well to ordinary people with young families.