Positively ghoulish, irresponsible, and economical with the truth

People lay flowers and light candles during a candlelight vigil for murdered British tourist Grace Millane

That a young lady is dead, that she was a welcome visitor here, and that a local man is involved in some way is all that we know at this stage. We don’t know how she died, or why the suspect attempted to conceal her remains. Only time and a thorough investigation will give us that information, and God will that it does, as knowing will give some understanding to us all, but especially the poor young lady’s family, of the hugely sad event.

Yet the open letter from ?50 influential women? begins,

It’s difficult to know how to express the horror so many of us feel about what happened to Grace Millane. She was 21, on the trip of a lifetime, with her whole life ahead of her …and then she was gone.
When young women are murdered, it reminds women that our safety is an illusion. We have some of the worst statistics for sexual violence, domestic violence and violence against women in the OECD. Most of that violence is at the hands of our men.
This is a time for national soul-searching. It is also a time for solution-based action.

So the 50 influential women have declared that young Grace was murdered and that violence occurred. This is pure speculation since we simply do not know the facts, yet it’s enough to wield a brush to tar all this country’s men. Thus the letter is not a statement of concern; it is an opportunist, agenda-driven propaganda statement, and like most propaganda it is untruthful.

OECD Data: Inequality. Violence against women

We have one of the lowest rates in the world for violence against women. That is part of the reason we are so shocked by Grace’s demise. I do not defend the individual charged with the offence. I have faith in the processes, instincts, and skills of New Zealand police. Yes, any violence at all is far too much. This ?open letter? is, though, simply a prejudicial, deliberate and defamatory shaming of half this country’s citizens. It does not help and will bring no comfort to poor Grace’s closest people.

If there is something we have far too much of in this country, perhaps it is groups and individuals who clamber onto disasters to soapbox their myopic world views, with truth often another unfortunate victim – the collateral damage.