Race is real – and that’s not a problem

Caption: An oddly specific map of something that doesn’t exist.

The left endlessly babble about ?the science!?, and ?evidence-based policy!?, but the simple fact is that they are anti-science loons who repeatedly deny objective evidence when it contradicts their idiotic narratives.

Any number of leftist orthodoxies are promulgated in defiance of all scientific evidence. ?Gender? ideology is completely without any basis in human biology; any scientist who dares dissent is silenced and their career destroyed.

Another anti-science orthodoxy of the left is the claim that ?race isn?t real?, in defiance of undeniable biological evidence. No matter, either, that they tie themselves in knots of contradiction. Quote:

By releasing her DNA results in order to claim undeniable proof of Injun heritage, far-left socialist harpy Elizabeth Warren has unwittingly proved what we?ve been saying all along?race is real and quantifiable, whereas ?racism? is nothing more than a dumb idea that?s impossible to measure.

Facing the endless mockery of the Alpha Bully we call a president?specifically his repeated reference to her as ?Pocahontas??Warren submitted to a DNA test in August that claims she has an Injun in the woodpile?most likely a sole Injun at least six generations back. End of quote.

Now, we get to the contradiction: despite the leftist dogma that ?race isn?t real?, the intersectional victimhood cult necessarily presumes that race is very real indeed. The intersectional left are as ?essentialist? as any early 20th-century eugenicist. Quote:

Although in 2012 Warren feigned ignorance when presented with evidence that a 1995 article in the Harvard Crimson described her as ?Native American,? she either has amnesia or is a liar. A 1996 article in Fordham Law Review portrayed her as Harvard Law School?s ?first woman of color??and in the course of plagiarizing a recipe she contributed to a 1984 Native American cookbook, she identified herself as ?Elizabeth Warren?Cherokee??

?Every moronic brainwashed leftist who cheered the test results walked straight into the trap and admitted they believe that racial ancestry can be scientifically determined. End of quote.

Which brings us to the crux of the left?s schizophrenic confusion over race.

It?s undeniable that the biological concept of race was badly abused in the early 20th century, just as much as Darwinism was. Yet, as it happens, scientific racism was very much a ?progressive? doctrine until those nasty Germans in brown shirts ruined the party. So the left did an immediate about-turn on race. Suddenly, race ideology was bad. In fact, to be on the safe side, they began insisting that race didn?t even exist.

Foremost in the race-denial are anthropologists, seemingly desperate to atone for the sins of their earlier colleagues. As geneticist Steve Jones puts it, ?some?are as blinded by liberal prejudice as were their (notably illiberal) predecessors?.

Caption: Biologist Ernst Haeckel was Germany’s foremost promoter of Darwinism, and a racist whose ideas directly influenced the Nazis. His map of the origins of human populations is likewise a mix of remarkably accurate fact and pseudo-scientific fantasy.

On the other hand, the cretinous ideology of intersectionality is only tenable if race is inherent and immutable. Blacks cannot be victims, no matter their circumstances, unless there is some essential, inborn characteristic of ?being black?. Skin colour isn?t enough: ?black? Beyonce is the same colour as ?white? George Clooney. There has to be something more, something essential: in other words, race.

As Jones says, ?distinct the races undeniably are?.

Anyone who, as Elizabeth Warren did, takes a DNA ancestry test is tacitly admitting the same. If Warren?s Native American ancestry is quantifiable, it is ipso facto real. As Walsh and Yun found, in a 2011 paper: ?genetic studies using very few chromosomal loci find that genetic polymorphisms divide human populations into clusters with almost 100 percent accuracy and that they correspond to the traditional anthropological categories?.

So, why are so many people so eager to deny evident biological reality? Because ?race? is such a ridiculously loaded word. So much so, that Walsh and Yun suggest, ?we can dispense with the term race in favor of some other term such as population or ethnic group and nothing would be lost except a word?.

In other words, dance around it as they will, it?s just using different words for the same thing. Which is a game for children and brainwashed ideologues.

But that is not to say that biological race is the sole determinant of characteristics. As neurobiologist Kenan Malik says, both sides of the debate get it wrong: race is both biological and a social construction.

So, just admit it: race is real ? so what? It?s just an objective fact about the world. Bigots of both the left and right, black and white, may use that fact to falsely prop up their foolish prejudices, but that is neither justified nor justifies pretending that something real, isn?t.

?Superficial though race may be,? as Steve Jones says. ?It is foolish to say that it does not exist.?