Santa Bill’s Christmas present for Jacinda & the UN

Caption: “Ho! Ho! Ho! Santa has some refugees for a special little girl!”

Labor?s ongoing national conference would be a lot more honest if Bill Shorten just stood at the podium and threw handfuls of money at the assembled crowd of grifters, crooks, beggars and incompetents ? oops, Labor members and unionists.

As he has been doing for the past two years, Shifty Shorten is promising to be everything to everyone, and to give everyone everything they ever wanted. The incompetent and the corrupt certainly aren?t forgotten.

Santa Bill has a special little something in his sack for Jacinda, because she?s been such a good girl. Quote:

?If elected, we will look to take up New Zealand?s offer to resettle refugees from Manus and Nauru by immediately negotiating an agreement on similar terms with that that has already been negotiated with the United States.? End of quote.

Does that include taking the country-shoppers back if, like America, New Zealand doesn?t measure up to their lofty standards? But hey, they won?t be expected to do anything so far beneath them as actually getting a job, so they?ll be your problem forever, New Zealand.

Hey, don?t thank us.

Jacinda isn?t the only globalist on Santa Bill?s Nice list, however.?Quote:

Mr Shorten?[announced] $500m over five years for the United Nations High Commission for Refugees.

?This funding will directly improve orderly regional processing and resettlement in the region and countries closer to where refugees originally come from,? Mr Shorten says. End of quote.

More likely it will fund a half-billion dollar party for notoriously corrupt UN agencies. That sort of money will keep them in child prostitutes for years.

Just in case you thought comedy wasn?t his forte, Shorten trotted out this zinger: Quote:

?It will deny people smugglers a product to sell?A Labor government will triple the number of Australian Federal Police officers working overseas in cooperation with other countries to stop the people smugglers at their source, to prevent people even contemplating getting on that unsafe vessel in the first place.?

He also announces an expansion of the community sponsored refugee program from 1000 places a year to 5000 places??And to be clear, this would be in addition to the existing humanitarian intake, not instead of it, so we will take more refugees as part of our migration mix. We will make sure that it is a safe process. Our approach is both more practical and more affordable. End of quote.

If you believe that, I’ve got a bridge to sell you. ?Practical? and ?affordable? just aren’t in the Labor DNA. Even Shorten admits that there are tens of millions of ?refugees?; passing on a token few brown children for Jacinda to pose for photo ops with isn?t going to do anything but advertise that Australia is open for people-smuggling business again.

Credit: Luke

Shorten is mouthing exactly the same platitudes that Kevin Rudd piously babbled in 2007. The result will be exactly the same.