Secretive watermelons and shady money are hacking Australian elections

Caption: GetUp volunteers assemble, ready to be told who they don’t like this week.

As Whaleoil revealed yesterday, well-funded watermelon operatives are influencing the mainstream left political parties. It?s not much different in Australia, where shady political operatives using dodgy money, often from foreign sources, leverage social media and mobilise armies of bots in order to sway elections. Quote:

GetUp has strong links to international campaign organisations and has ?become a financial force: annual reports show revenue from donors reached $10 million in the year of the 2016 federal election. End of quote.

?Donors? such as militant unions and overseas activist organisations. While campaigning to ban foreign donations to parties, GetUp accepted hundreds of thousands from foreign organisations, many linked to George Soros. All this on top of the rivers of gold from Beijing pouring into Australian politics. Quote:

Critical to GetUp?s credibility is how it promotes itself as a ??fiercely independent?, ?grassroots? and ?dem?o?cratic? activist organisation of one million members. These members, says GetUp, drive the organisation and determine what it does.

But is GetUp, while a formidable campaign operation, any of these things? End of quote.

We once had a Mainland visitor who was here on a GetUp-funded trip. He was most offended when I burst out laughing at his assertion that GetUp is ?non-party political?.

But what is really striking about GetUp is just how secretive and undemocratic it actually is. Quote:

Those who pull the strings sit on a nine-member board. Of those nine, five are Labor Party members or historically active in the party. The rest lean towards the Greens as refugee, indigenous or climate change activists?One thing GetUp can no longer deny is just how tightly controlled the organisation really is ? and by whom. All of GetUp?s power is vested in its board because of the way the group is structured as a company limited by guarantee.

The only ?full members? of GetUp are the nine board directors, increased last month from eight with the appointment of former Labor for Refugees activist and CFMEU official Karen Iles?There are no other members beyond these 12. End of quote.

Labor politics was once notorious for its ?Faceless Men?: it looks as though little has changed except the names on door, and even those not much. There?s the same roster of Labor string-pullers and union thugs, leavened with some anti-Semitism via the loathesome BDS. Quote:

GetUp campaigns for transparency and accountability in politics, yet its own operation is opaque?John Wanna, professor of politics at Australian National University and Griffith University, says the GetUp corporate structure ?reflects a fundamental ?disconnect? with its alleged members?the large batch of constitutional changes submitted to the ASIC in July would suggest control in the hands of few has been enhanced and consolidated?Wanna suggests the purpose could be to ?intentionally keep members at arm?s length?. End of quote.

It seems that GetUp?s army of busybody nannas and slogan-shouting unemployables are quite happy to be an army of tightly-regulated bots. Quote:

GetUp volunteers who spoke to The Australian were in the dark about the group they supported. They did not know who controlled it but they also seemed largely ?untroubled?Libby Boyd, 64, a former teacher?[and] Lane Cove retiree and GetUp supporter Lyn Gale [are] unsure of the group?s senior leadership structure but??I imagine it?s a democratic structure, but I don?t know certainly?. End of quote.

One suspects that what GetUp?s marching morons don?t know would fill volumes. What?s the old phrase about Useful Idiots?

Reading Chang and Halliday’s biography of Mao, it’s striking how the Communists used secretive power-plays and infiltration in ways that would make the most paranoid Bircher gape. Seventy years on, and the left hardly seem to have changed their tactics at all.