Sexism and murder

So far more than thirty people have been murdered in New Zealand in 2018. Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern has apologised, on my behalf, for one of them.

This was for a tourist from Great Britain. Why should this be? Is it because the victim she is apologising for is a visitor from overseas?

Is it because she was a young white female?

The prime?minister does not say and the media have not asked her.

Today’s Stuff website records the murder of twelve tourists in New Zealand, going back as far as 1969. All of the victims were young or youngish females and all but one of them was white.

Can it be that no male tourists have been murdered in New Zealand over the last 50 years, or is this just an obscene example of sexism in the media? Whatever the reason, I find it inappropriate for the prime?minister to apologise on my behalf for a murder victim from the UK and not for all murder victims regardless of their age, gender or race.